‘See who is truly on your side, and vote’

I’ve been voting for 50 years, and this election is, by far, the most important I’ve ever seen.

Look what’s happening under complete Republican control. Can we stand much more of this? They’re systematically dismantling decades of progress towards a safe, healthy world for all.

The Department of the Interior has selected Karen Budd-Falen for a senior legal position. She has said she doesn’t believe the federal government can constitutionally “own”public lands, yet she’s been appointed to the agency that manages them.

Jeffrey Clark has been appointed as the nation’s top environmental lawyer. This is the same guy who defended BP after they caused the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. No conflict there! We’ll just switch sides, from defending criminal polluters to prosecuting them.

Never mind the numerous industry figures that have been appointed to oversee the same industries where their job was to fight regulations that protected the public.


When Obama was in office, the big Republican concern was “The Deficit”. Then they got in control and after two monster tax cuts for the wealthy and an $82 billion increase in our already-obscene military budget, the deficit ballooned by 17 percent this year. Then, suddenly, they’re again very concerned about “The Deficit”. So they blame it on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Ronald Reagan, no less, totally disagrees with today’s Republicans: “Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit….” (10/7/84, C-Span). We liberals agree. How brazen can they be?

A U.S. permanent resident and reporter for one of the country’s major newspapers walks into the Saudi Consulate in Turkey and doesn’t come out, at least in one piece. Overwhelming evidence points to a mysterious Saudi hit squad. So our “America First” President bows to the Prince and rolls over and plays dead. (The Saudis give him lots of money.)

Vote out anybody that supports this embarassment to our nation, the rule of law, and common decency.

So, if you value your Social Security and Medicare, having public lands, having a livable environment, or having a nation that isn’t the laughingstock of the world, look into the issues, see who is truly on your side, and vote.

Bob Clancy, Sandia Park


Look past party affiliation and vote

The Yazzie vs The State of New Mexico lawsuit, settled this summer, found the State of New Mexico has not sufficiently funded public education for years. There were four groups of students that were identified as not being sufficiently supported with funding: Native American, Children of Poverty, (At Risk), Special Education and English Language Learners. This group includes over 70 percent of all New Mexico students.

The judge ordered the Legislature and the governor to come up with a plan to properly fund public education by April 15, 2019. The decision has been appealed by the State. The appeal, if not withdrawn by a new governor, will take three to five years to work its way through the courts. New Mexico ranks 50th in the country for student performance in math, reading and science.

We have an opportunity to support our children through increased funding to public education and give our children the education they deserve. Our children cannot afford to wait another five years for the State of New Mexico to sufficiently fund public education. Please take the opportunity to find out which candidates support withdrawing the appeal and sufficiently funding public education, as ordered by the court, and vote. Look past which party affiliation a candidate has and find out what they stand for. Our children deserve the opportunity education provides. Please vote.

Denise Ronquillo
, Sandia Park


What a difference a word makes

The Oct. 12 issue of The Independent stated (“Two eye Bernalillo County’s District 5 commission seat,” Oct. 12-18) that my top priorities as Bernalillo County Commissioner, D5, candidate are “public healthcare and public safety.” It’s important to clarify that I said “public health,” not healthcare.

I hold a Master’s degree in Public Health, which focuses on assessment, intervention, and prevention of any threats to a community’s health. Public health also promotes wellness of the population. Some examples would be ensuring clean and plentiful water, access to community and senior centers, and preventing or reducing the impact of illnesses, accidents, or violence. Using a public health perspective, even crime and suicide fall within the realm of intervention.

Along with a Master’s degree in Counseling, I especially focus on behavioral health public health, i.e., preventing and treating mental illnesses, substance abuse and addiction, homelessness, and other social factors that would put a person at risk for negative health consequences or harm. Using this perspective, we can implement preventive strategies that reduce pain and suffering, as well reduce the cost and burden on our other systems like the emergency room and the criminal justice system.

By prioritizing public health and public safety, our community’s health, economic indicators, and quality of life overall will improve.

Charlene Pyskoty, Bernalillo County Commissioner, D5, candidate



Looking for history of Edgewood area

Ever heard about a running gun battle at present-day County Line Road and Dinkle, circa 1910? Do you know who is buried in the singular gravesite near the juncture of Vallecitos and Meadow Road? How about an Army Air Corps plane making an emergency landing on Frost or Entranosa Road during WWII?

If you know anything about these events or other curiosities in the Edgewood area, or have historic photos of Edgewood, say, pre-1970, I would like to learn more. Reach me via craigspringer.com or 505-423-2501.

Craig Springer, Edgewood