‘Deal with issues and do away with scare-mongering’

“… We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” Thus said President Donald Trump in his State of the Union speech.

I agree! So we need to get rid of public schools, police departments, fire departments, libraries, roads, air traffic control, Medicare, Social Security, all public lands, State Parks, National Parks, the Forest Service, Park Service, BLM, farm subsidies, oil and gas industry subsidies, the National Weather Service, food inspections, the military, the GI Bill, the VA, prisons, courts—even a border wall paid for by people against their will. Need I go on?

These are all “socialist” programs, where the elected government collects revenue and uses it (for the most part) to promote the common good. It’s been working pretty well so far.  

I don’t know what Mr. Trump thinks, but no doubt a lot of his followers equate socialism with communism, and have not a clue as to what “Democratic Socialism” is, which is what all the above-mentioned programs are. 

Let’s deal with the issues, and do away with the scare-mongering.

For one example, explain why our current profit-driven health care system, where people die because they can’t afford care,  where ‘health care’ companies jack up prices exorbitantly for no reason other than greed, and where Medicare is specifically prohibited from doing (free-market) bargaining for lower drug prices, is better than the non-profit  health care systems found in all other industrialized countries and many smaller countries too? Where costs are much lower and overall outcomes are much better?  

Explain that, Mr. Trump, don’t just employ scare tactics and scream “Socialism!” Can we deal with facts and the real issues?

Bob Clancy, Sandia Park

Enjoying being a part of East Mountain community

I relocated from Albuquerque last December, living in Tijeras now. I love your newspaper, especially the local travel scene, the opinion page, the Roaring Mouse and Mountain Musings. It nice to be a part of the East Mountain community and to discover all the offerings locally. Thank you for your great little newspaper! By the way, is there a dry cleaner around here? Thanks.

Tracy Gorenz, Tijeras