Thanking Mountainair for police station dedication

On behalf of the Stephen A. Sandlin family, we wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mayor Peter Nieto, Police Chief Juan Reyes, the town council and all the businesses and citizens of the town of Mountainair, the national, state and local representatives, as well as the dignitaries from the New Mexico State Police, for honoring our son’s sacrifice and in keeping his memory alive on May 4.

The recent dedication and naming of the Mountainair Police Station in his honor was a very noble gesture in helping ease the pain of our loss 31 years ago. Words alone cannot convey our sincere heartfelt gratitude for the efforts you have made to keep the memory of our son and his service to your community alive. We appreciate you and thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Thomas and Yvonne Sandlin, Edgewood

More problems with dispatch in Edgewood

Regarding Christian Meuli’s letter about emergency dispatch in Edgewood (“Confused emergency dispatch for Edgewood,” May 3-9), I too live on Moriarty Road, and I too have had problems. Five years ago, I called 911 for medical assistance. While still on the phone with the dispatcher some time later, I was told that the EMTs were on Moriarty Road. From the top of my driveway, I can see the full length of this road, and no one was there.

I kept asking if they were in Edgewood in Santa Fe County, and was assured that they were. After nearly a full hour of this, I hung up and called a number I had written down years before for “Santa Fe County Police and Fire after hours.” That number is 800-742-1144. I spoke to another dispatcher and a unit was here in less than 10 minutes. When asked, the EMTs said that there had been no previous dispatch call to our local Fire Station.

Unfortunately, I’ve since had to call for emergency assistance other times, most recently this past December when we had all that snow. Every time, I’ve used the 800-742-1144 number, and every time, assistance has arrived within minutes. I appreciate Mr. Meuli’s efforts to correct this problem on behalf of all of us, but in the meantime I’m going to keep calling the number that I know works. I would urge you all to add it to your emergency contacts as well.

As for the town of Edgewood not dealing with Santa Fe County Dispatch, it’s clear that they should be aggressively trying to remedy the problem. After all, it might be one of them or a beloved family member who needs help the next time.

Marcia De Leon, Edgewood