Wondering if the law is applied equally

It is not so long since a young couple was arrested and convicted of stealing a pumpkin from a Torrance County business. I believe the defense was that the perpetrators thought the pumpkin was free. Be that as it may, they received a stern lecture from the judge on the sacredness of private property and presumably the Ten Commandments, etc, etc. But now, when a district court judge mows down two bicyclists, killing one and sending the other to the hospital with serious injuries, all of this occurring “around noon … on a straight stretch” of the very lightly traveled U.S. 60, all we hear is that in the estimation of the sheriff’s department the judge was not in any way impaired. By the way, the accident was reported in The Independent to have taken place “near mile marker 204.” Mile marker 204 is well inside Mountainair, between a gas station and a dollar store. The speed limit there is 30 miles per hour. Now, in light of these facts, how is it possible that the driver was not in some way impaired?

John F. Mihelich, Estancia

Thanking sponsors of our 28th Annual Halloween trick or treat trailer to trailer

Living in a small town teaches you a lot about people. You will see the greatest and the worst, the heart breaking and the soul soothing. It’s in the midst of hardship that the community unites and highlights the love that really flows through the veins of small town folks. Our hearts were warmed this Halloween as we saw 1,600 people walk through our gates to trick or treat. Those people brought donations of food and clothing for Bethel Community Storehouse and in a 2-hour span our community raised $900 dollars and three pallets of food for the families in our town that need help during the fast approaching winter. We’ve been told by many of you that you appreciate us for putting on this event but we want to take this moment to thank the people and businesses that stand behind us and give this event its legs. We couldn’t make any of this happen without our sponsors, so without further ado, a list of all of you who help keep this event going:

The Independent newspaper, Tillery Chevrolet, Brandon Smith family, Maury Legg, Jim and Diane Ellis, John Muller, Tavenner’s Towing, Ben Spence and Rob West, Bethel Community Storehouse, Michael McGowan DC, Bob and Judy Dumcum, David Green, The Nee Agency, Single Action Shooting Society, Western Trails Veterinary Hospital, Don & Linda Shaw, Moriarty Concrete Products, Moriarty Lions Club, Melissa Van Raden and Ellen Rowan, Edgewood Lions Club, George, Gary Grannemann, Jacqueline Lapic, John & Lisa Voytko, Mona Karel, Country Gas, Darwin and Emily Page, David Stevens, Mail & Copy Business Center, Moriarty Animal Control, McIntosh Self Storage, B&R Construction, Hayes Insurance Agency, US Bank, Harris & Hanlon Mortuary, Shorty’s BBQ, Jerry Kincaid, Johnny & Virginia Molina, and American Legion 74.

To all of you that came, and those who donated to our trick or treat trailer to trailer Halloween night, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. See you next year!

Jeanette Ridenour & the RV Sales team

Looking for camaraderie and a love of old trucks

Hello East Mountains, I am interested in starting a New Mexico chapter of the Antique Truck Club of America. I live in Edgewood, near the air park. This club is for anyone who has an interest in old trucks. There isn’t a requirement to own an old truck just to love them. There is a requirement to join the national club in order to qualify opening a local club. I am interested in finding others who share my interests within my community. I am looking for some camaraderie and kinship surrounding the old truck hobby.

The club is geared towards people that are interested in restoring and preserving old trucks. Its for people who like to go to car shows. Activities that the club could potentially participate in include things like caravan trips in classics, car show outings, and other antique events both nationally and locally. The Antique Truck Club of America has a reputation of local chapters being involved in their communities. They do things like raising funds for charity. I would love to help bring something like this into our community.

There are chapters of the club on the East Coast, but here in the Southwest there is zero representation.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested. I am happy to to share more information about the club and what it would take to get a local chapter off the ground. Give me a call at 505-603-9177. Thank you.

Michael Dale