GoFundMe started for young family after crash

In 1995, a scrawny 2-year-old boy with a head of cowlicks, no shoes and an oversized husky voice that seemed to chatter on endlessly came to our home off South 14 in the East Mountains and changed our lives.

He was one of our first foster children, the second oldest of six brothers taken into state custody after his parents proved they were not up to the task of being parents to a pack of high energy and endlessly gregarious boys.

We barely could handle one. Stubborn? That could have been his middle name.

In truth, his name was Christian—Chris for short—and within moments of his arrival he became one of our bunch as if he had always been with us. Several years later, he officially became Chris Glenn and our son.

He’s 26 now and the proud father of a 4-year-old little girl with a head full of cowlicks and just as chatty and energetic and stubborn as her daddy.

But now something has changed her life. And his. And ours.

Last Friday, Chris and his little family were involved in a crash at Montaño and Renaissance NW in Albuquerque when another driver slammed into their SUV, sending it flipping at least twice.

The investigation into the crash continues, but a search warrant affidavit indicates that the other driver performed poorly in field sobriety tests, could not recall the color of the light when he entered the intersection and refused to answer how fast he had been traveling.

Chris suffered internal injuries, a fractured pelvis, shattered foot and ankle, broken ribs, crushed coccyx and a torn hand. Wife Stephanie, who was driving, was banged up and bruised.

But little Aubree got the worst of it. According to the affidavit, she was unresponsive at the scene. Her brain suffered severe damage and her neck was fractured. There were those who did not expect her to live.

But she lives, albeit on life support and in an induced coma, with so many tubes traveling in and out of her tiny body that it looks like she is covered in mechanical spaghetti.

It’s impossible to know how damaged her brain is or what she will be like when—if—she wakes up.

What we know is that any road to recovery will be a long one. Chris, too, has a long way to go before he will walk again on his own.

But we are a grateful family because of all the love and support we have received from so many. A friend has set up a GoFundMe account, and you can access it by searching for “Hope for Aubree, Chris and Stephanie Glenn” at that web site. The YMCA is holding a garage sale Friday through Sunday at 2834 Bel Air Drive NE in Albuquerque to raise funds for Chris’ family.

And we’ve heard from so many people who are praying and sending good thoughts. It is the grace that keeps us going through an experience I never wanted for my son—or anybody’s child.

So we wait and we pray that Aubree is as stubborn as her father and that one day we’ll hear that endlessly chatty little voice again. That will be life-changing.

Joline Gutierrez Krueger, Ponderosa

Thanking the community for Halloween benefit event

The Bethel Community Storehouse would like to thank RV Sales and everyone involved in making this year’s Trick or Treat Trailer to Trailer a great success. You provided our community with a safe and fun Halloween event, raising $900 and three pallets of food for Bethel’s food pantry. Which in turn, helps our neighbors in need. Thank you so much.

Linda Smith, Executive Director

Looking for camaraderie and a love of old trucks

Hello East Mountains, I am interested in starting a New Mexico chapter of the Antique Truck Club of America. I live in Edgewood, near the air park. This club is for anyone who has an interest in old trucks. There isn’t a requirement to own an old truck just to love them. There is a requirement to join the national club in order to qualify opening a local club. I am interested in finding others who share my interests within my community. I am looking for some camaraderie and kinship surrounding the old truck hobby.

The club is geared towards people that are interested in restoring and preserving old trucks. Its for people who like to go to car shows. Activities that the club could potentially participate in include things like caravan trips in classics, car show outings, and other antique events both nationally and locally. The Antique Truck Club of America has a reputation of local chapters being involved in their communities. They do things like raising funds for charity. I would love to help bring something like this into our community.

There are chapters of the club on the East Coast, but here in the Southwest there is zero representation.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested. I am happy to to share more information about the club and what it would take to get a local chapter off the ground. Give me a call at 505-603-9177. Thank you.

Michael Dale, Edgewood

Why does Edgewood want to take over Epcor Water?

So, town of Edgewood government, I have a concern as a homeowner: Being fairly new out here in the beautiful mountains and plains, but finding our water resource from EPCOR as the only reasonably affordable utility, why the big need to takeover locally that water supply? Maybe a transparent clear statement in the local paper or a mailing to all the taxpayers might explain the rationale behind this proposed policy? And a general vote afterwards too. 

John Hoover, Edgewood