Sandia Mountain Lions thanking the community

On behalf of all the Sandia Mountain Lions Club members, I want to thank the community for its great support of our recent projects.

On Oct. 19, our first annual Fall Craft Festival filled the halls of Mountainside United Methodist Church in Cedar Crest with more than 50 craft tables and shoppers from the area. The Craft Show proceeds will help us provide ongoing support to Dictionaries for Third Graders, Peace Poster Contests for middle schoolers, East Mountain High School, youth sports programs, and Christmas food boxes for the needy.

On their day off, Oct. 28, seven staff persons of Burger Boy Restaurant on North 14 in Cedar Crest held a Pancake Breakfast to benefit our support of the East Mountain Food Pantry. Thanks to the generous donations, all proceeds will go directly to feeding families in the East Mountains.

Also, a big “Thank You!” to The Independent, the East Mountain Shopper, and the local radio stations who provided the necessary publicity assistance.

The Lions Club motto is “We Serve,” but we can only do that with the cooperation, involvement, and support of local individuals and businesses. We certainly appreciate all who join with us in helping others.

Dr. Steve Berry, President

Citizens should be involved in Edgewood’s governance

On 14 November, I attended a “town” meeting of concerned citizens organized by the “Citizens for an Open and Responsible Edgewood.” I was extremely impressed by the turnout, probably 250 to 300 people attended.

I am concerned with several actions being taken by our town council and the mayor, seemingly without our town’s population being fully informed of all the facts of these issues. First off, it is my fault by allowing myself, by not attending the town council meetings, to be knowledgeable of the basic issues. So I will either attend meetings in person from now on, or watch the video streaming.

The purpose of this letter is not to comment specifically on the the issues at hand, but to advocate more town participation. If we allow our town council to govern without our input, they can obligate us into financial ruin. And we would be at fault. However, if we, as a concerned citizenry, attend a few council meetings, contact our town councilors to voice our opinions, or register to speak at a council meeting, we then have a voice and can give our council guidance as to what is important to us.

If we do not take these actions, than shame on us for allowing it to happen. I realize that we all have busy lives, but if we want to keep Edgewood the way we want it, we need to at least keep ourselves informed and voice our opinions to the town council. The other way we can voice our opinions is to circulate and present petitions to the council recommending they change their actions.

Please do not allow the council to govern without our input. Get involved to the extent that you can, become informed, and we then can “retake” ownership of our town.

James Edmiston, Edgewood