‘There is nothing like a crisis to bring into focus our priorities’

It is deeply saddening to learn that we have experienced our first cases of COVID-19 in Torrance County. It is with a sense not unlike grief that we look back upon our lost tranquility and appreciate the lives we led before the outbreak of the pandemic. Surely, there is nothing like a crisis to bring into focus our priorities.

Now, we all yearn for a return to what we may have regarded as the mundane; the entrepreneur a return to business, the worker a return to the job, the priest and preacher a return to the pulpit, and the student a return to classes. However, for the time being there will be no return to normalcy and we must remain vigilant and deliberate in our actions as we navigate the difficult terrain in which we find ourselves.

Surely, we must hold steadfast to our ideals and hold true to past examples of bravery and fortitude as we endure towards a brighter future when the dark shadow of this pestilence shall be lifted from the land. We can but trust in God, who sees fit to reveal in fleeting glimpses our destiny by what we experience, that we will come out of this difficulty with a renewed sense of family and community, grounded in a newfound appreciation for that which is most important to us.

Those who are concerned about experiencing symptoms or wish to learn more about testing opportunities in the County should call our local public health office in Estancia during regular business hours at 505-222-6530.

Javier Sanchez, Torrance County