Super-majority or super-prevarications?

Individuals have used memory loss, half-truths and outright lies as methods to explain their actions or lack thereof through the ages. While this is not a treatise on the art of lying or the loss of memory, I believe it might be interesting to cite some noted people who had something to say about lies, lying and liars. Mark Twain is said to have remarked, “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can pull its boots on.” While the actual words of the quote are by no means settled, attribution to Twain is somewhat out of line. A similar, and some might say, a more polished statement on the subject was written by Jonathan Swift, who wrote in The Examiner of November 9, 1870,” Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.”

I write this letter because I am confused and annoyed. Well, annoyed, but by no means confused. I have followed the machinations of Citizens for an Open and Responsible Government, (CORE) and the two Edgewood Town Councilors managing to join at the hips with all things CORE. The councilors and CORE seem hell-bent toward the destruction of Edgewood and certain remaining members of the governing body. It seems to matter not whether various Edgewood official records and published truths are in direct conflict with their statements and assertions. It is as if facts have to be the way they tell them and not what official/published records actually divulge. Whether they have perjured themselves or perhaps have the most feeble memories ever of any Edgewood elected official is unknown to a certainty. Maybe in the case of CORE, untruths are easier to justify when the objective is to frame or denigrate someone with scant or absolutely no evidence. In the case of the two individual councilors, (not Abrams or Holle), and the organization CORE, evidence points to a mixture of both untruths (lies?) and memory loss.

CORE’s attempts toward the destruction or the hamstringing of Edgewood has not abated and their plans now include suing the Town of Edgewood, Edgewood’s governing body, and two additional Bassett family members. I am sure, going forward, Councilors Abraham and Jaramillo will be removed from the suit through a motion or motions by CORE, since they have been called heroes by members of CORE. It is also possible that any action brought by CORE will be dismissed as without merit.

This situation brought on by CORE has become a waiting game. Like all games and contests, it is subject to wagers. Someone will bet and make money, while others will foolishly wager and be paid in embarrassment and derision. I know where my bet will be placed.

Chuck Ring, Former Edgewood Councilor