Felony charges ‘are not that big a deal’ in NM

Good to read that arrests have been made relating to the home invasion west of Moriarty on Feb. 4. Not so great to see that one of those charged, a 32-year-old woman, “was released to her sister’s custody on March 1, according to court documents.” Well, I guess “felony charges of armed robbery, aggravated burglary, false imprisonment” and numerous other infractions of the law are not that big a deal in the “Land of Enchantment” any more, our fair state being the home of Billy the Kid, among others. Still the same article states that one of the accused’s alleged accomplices “was already in jail on a first degree murder charge…,” which may raise a few eyebrows.
Some newspapers think of themselves as having a public service aspect. If The Independent is one of these, and it doesn’t cost too much ink, it would behoove it to publish the name of the judge who saw fit to release the accused on these serious charges, in my opinion. After all, judges are elected officials, at least most of them.
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John F. Mihelich, Estancia


Editor’s Note: According to court documents, Jessica Rios was released by Magistrate Court.

Missing The Independent’s April Foolishness this year

The lack of your usually informative April Fools page this year is a shocker. I hope you are not a victim of the Cancel Culture. The past year has given us scads of subjects of which to make fun and get a laugh from. There’s the Edgewood Town Council, the November “election,” Sleepy Joe, The Donald, our tiny Tsar up in Sonta Fay, the 65 mph limit on I-40 between Sedillo Hill and Tramway, COVID 20 (be patient, it’s coming), counting shoppers at Walmart and Smith’s, and so much more. Only those without any sense of humor at all would fail to see the potential April 1st laughs in all of these. Let’s make up for it all next year, on two pages.
Don Holle, Edgewood