Professional wrestler Brandon Overholser, also known as American Kickboxer II, will host a tag team edition of BEST wrestling in Mountainair on October 14.

It is not quite an eclipse, but expect it to be lights out for some wrestlers Oct. 14 when Brandon Overholser, AKA American Kickboxer II, again will be bringing his brand of professional-style wrestling to Mountainair.

While last year’s event featured a longest match record attempt – “it’s all done but the I’s and T’s,” he said – this time it will be the tag team edition of BEST (Blood, Emotion, Sweat Tears), which kicks off at 6 p.m. at the Dr. Saul Community Building on Roosevelt Street.

The free event will feature Overholser, as well as local Manny Lee (Manuel Lopez) as he makes his debut as a full-fledged wrestling graduate.

“He’s done with his training, now he has to pass the test,” Overholser said. “That means he goes on with his sensei, me.”

Other notable names on the billet include Moshpit Mike, who will face Hyzaya in a monumental clash of some of the top wrestlers in the region, as well as full cast of tag-team artists.

Bringing this to Mountainair, where Overholser now lives with his wife and two daughters, is just better than going to the metro areas.

“Small towns have always loved wrestling,” he said. “One of my favorite venues was this little podunk town with no streetlights and no stop lights in West Virginia,” he said. “It’s been known since 1995 that wrestling in scripted and things like that. But even though they know that, they forget about that. Small towns have a different vibe. The setting is right. A place like Albuquerque or Santa Fe, where I could make more money personally, but it makes more sense to bring folks out here, to bring that money into the tax coffers of the town I live in.”