Bernalillo County Fire Department spokesman Robert Arguelles said that a fire in the area of Highway 217 and Martinez Road is “completely extenguished” at this time.

Units from Torrance and Bernalillo counties were dispatched within minutes of getting calls about the fire, and were joined by N.M. Forestry and the U.S. Forest Service, Arguelles said, describing about two dozen units.

“With a fire like this, we’ll send as many resources as possible,” Arguelles said. “The earlier resources get there the better the outcome is. We’ll pull them if we don’t need them.”

Firefighters on the ground had additional help from above, in a coordinated effort between Bernalillo and Torrance counties, he said. That allowed firefighters to see hot spots and prevent the fire from spreading through the wooded area.

The structure was a total loss, Arguelles said, adding that the fire spread “a little bit around there.” No injuries were reported, he said.

A smoke plume rose from the fire and was visible in the surrounding communities. Authorities initially thought there were two fires in the area, but it was people from all around calling, Arguelles said.