Taxes are paid for the benefit of all of us


Thank you Mayor John Bassett and Edgewood city council members for approving a property tax mill levy that will be used for road improvements. As someone who has waited for Church Road to be paved for over 20 years it makes my heart glad. I have watched many a road be completed in Edgewood without holding it against anyone who has benefitted but it has been hard to be passed over for so long. Finally, I see light and pure air at the end of the dust tunnel I drive through every day.

Roads, schools, healthcare, and all services provided by city, state and federal governments are dependent on the will of its citizens to help each other. Why should you pay for Church Road if you never drive on it? Why should you pay for public school if you don’t have any children? Why should you pay for maternity care if you are a man? Why should you pay for prostrate screening if you are a woman? Because it’s the humane thing to do. You should, we all should, pay taxes for the benefit of all.

I salute the bravery of our new Mayor and our City Council.

Monika Parker, Edgewood