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One of the fallouts of the Donald Trump presidency is that the American moral compass is running amok. Unfortunately, Trump’s example and amoral character teaches a generation of children that lies, hatred and leading by fear are okay; more than one generation of children will be blighted.

The nation’s men and women have a pathological liar, a sexual predator, and a man who encourages hatred of all kinds rather than resisting the amoral acts of the worst of us.

America is better than Trump and his base.

More than unfortunate is that, for the most part, the Republican base is not protesting these un-American, un-lawful and un-Christian values.

The House tried to gut the independent ethics committee meaning Americans would never get the truth. The Congressional Republicans are even blocking a full investigation of Trump and the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russians. Flynn registered (belatedly) as a “Foreign Agent.” Twenty-two intelligence organizations say the U.S. election process was hacked. We need to have a full, open and totally transparent investigation. We need to get the whole truth.

The Republicans are forcing through a health plan that immediately cuts 14 million people off of health care (expected to grow to 24 million people after several years). Health care is covered in the Constitution in the clause “provide for the general welfare.” Trump says the Affordable Care Act is “broken” and “collapsing.” Media has proved that this is simply another lie. But Trump and the Republicans keep saying it. “If you tell a lie often enough the people will believe it.” This was Hitler’s tactic. Promoting the general welfare through health care is as important as education available for all, a military for our protection, roads and other infrastructure—the things that all of us benefit from and that keep the nation running.

I simply cannot believe any American voted for cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. In fact, Trump ran on a promise of not cutting these programs. Yet the Republican health plan cuts $880 billion from Medicaid and raids Medicare of from $117 billion to $275 billion and gives $25 billion to healthcare companies and the wealthy.

The House of Representatives is ramming this bill through without hearings—hearings which would reveal just how harmful the bill is and how many Americans it will kill. This is how they treat the least among us. We should feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the sick. Ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

Trump is flaunting the Constitution in not divesting himself of his holdings, in appointing his son-in-law as an advisor, and in hiding his foreign ties and conflicts of interest. He is literally making millions off of the back of U.S. taxpayers. These conflicts of interest are identified in tax returns. Seventy-four percent of Americans think Trump should release his tax returns. The flaunting of the Constitution needs to be challenged.

The House Ways & Means Committee under a 1924 law saw that they can examine the President’s tax returns. This would have been totally private and would have determined any conflicts of interest or constitutional violations. The 23 Republicans on the committee voted to keep Trump’s taxes hidden. That’s the Republican morality—hiding the truth.

There is nothing in Trump’s vision for America that will make us great. Pathological lying, racism, bigotry, hatred and Islamophobia are not American values. Tearing apart families, attacking women’s healthcare in particular, and all of us in general, are not values this country stands for.

Trump and the Republicans in Congress are handing this country over to greedy corporations (and possibly to the Russians) and the wealthy on the backs of plain working Americans.

In my view, the American moral compass led by Donald Trump is headed straight for the toilet.

Ann Ruhnka, Moriarty