Letter was political vitriol and ‘hate speech’

I choose to disagree with the recent letter to the editor (“American moral compass is running amok,” March 22 – 28). It is not the title of the article but the content I disagree with. I think the title is true but for different reasons. My reaction to the content was disbelief in what the person from Moriarty wrote. It is full of talking points from news agencies that obviously hate our elected president. All of which I believe to be a corrupt and misleading narrative of the president’s agenda. And I believe the majority of people understand that narrative for what it is, political “hate speech.” The language is pure vitriol by anyone’s standard.

Does the person from Moriarty really understand that the majority of the 50 states actually agree with our president’s agenda? That is why he got elected: Remember, only the electoral vote is real. The popular vote is imaginary in that it has no lawful significance.

Even though New Mexico did not vote for the president, does the person from Moriarty understand that the majority of counties in New Mexico (19 out of 33) actually did vote for the president? Not many know that. Does the person from Moriarty also know that 59 percent of Torrance County voted for the president? My point is that probably most voters see through the “hate speech” against the president. It is time to look beyond personal hatred.

It is time to be realistic and seek for an unbiased assessment of the president’s agenda. We must be honest with ourselves and look for, as is said, “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” then, work within our laws to make improvements. That is the American way! I am hopeful that the wonderful person from Moriarty can eventually let go of the hatred for those holding different opinions and have respect for the office of president. Maybe then, morals in America will go up a notch.

Boyd Reasor, Edgewood