Deep Well Protest group thanks supporters


Many thanks to all of you who took time out from a beautiful Sunday afternoon to attend the Deep Well Protest Meeting on May 7—we are so grateful to have had the massive support. And it was also noticed and appreciated by County representatives in attendance and by our legal team. The knowledge that we have so many people behind us motivates us more than ever. And of course, we can never thank you enough for your continuing financial help. We really appreciate everyone’s interest in persevering in this fight. It reinforces how important water availability is to the East Mountain community.

For those of you who were unable to attend, Phillip Rust (, Bernalillo County Water Resource Specialist, gave a great presentation on the Bernalillo County Water Level Monitoring program, which is open to all Bernalillo County residents. If you have a well, we hope you’ll consider signing up ( The data from the program is critical to understanding the water levels in the Sandia Basin aquifer now and well into the future.

Our group presented the 8-year timeline from the beginning of Aquifer Science’s 1,500 acre-foot water application to the present. Our attorneys then discussed in great detail the ups and downs of this long road, which has spanned over 17 years since Campbell first introduced its master plan for 4,000 new homes on the east side of Highway 14. A number of those who attended had great questions that we hope were adequately answered.

Meeting presentations will soon be posted on our website: Check it out!

Many people asked about making a donation and how much we anticipate the ongoing legal and related costs will be. Past donations have averaged from $50 to $500, with some smaller and some larger. In any case, whatever amount you’d be comfortable giving for this very important cause will be greatly appreciated.

Contributions made to the Deep Well Protest through our fiscal agent, the 501(c)3 North 14 Forum, are tax deductible. Checks should be made out to North 14 Forum/Deep Well Protest, and mailed to Deep Well Protest, P.O. Box 311, Sandia Park, NM 87047, or donate online via Paypal at

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