Why not both pro-choice and pro-life?

Someone asked me “Am I pro-choice or am I pro-life?” Those two categories just seem to be a form of identity division to me. Why can’t I be both? Because the way I see it, I am both.

I would guess most everyone is too.

Doesn’t everyone have free will? What normal person doesn’t want to make their own choices? In that respect we are pro-choice. And who doesn’t want to live? And in that respect we are pro-life.

Aren’t we all born with both these desires? Then why must I accept only the pro-choice bucket or the bucket of pro-life? In fact, I will not allow myself to be limited to just one or the other.

For me the conversation is much broader and people centered than a narrow mindedness and bucket list of identity division being pushed these days by special interest groups. Isn’t there something deeper more personal going on here? For me it is the effect of a person’s ‘will.’ Someday each of us will have a last ‘will’ and testament. But I ask myself, “Today, what is my ‘will’ on these matters?” It is not just a matter of having ‘choice’ or ‘life’ because we all have both. Rather I ask, “Do I live to help myself or do I live to help others?” I can’t have it both ways. Is it ‘my’ will or ‘Thy’ will be done?

If my heart is pointing to self rather than to others, my choices will be greedy and my life will be lived at the expense of someone else. I don’t want that kind of life. I know it won’t make me happy because I tried it in my youth. I am older and wiser now, so, my free will choice today is to help others live a better life. And that attitude fills my life to overflowing. Yes, if you understand my reasoning, I am both pro-choice and pro-life, not for me, but for the other person, both born and unborn. It is simply a matter of whose will I follow.

Boyd Reasor, Edgewood