Toastmasters is seeking new membership

A few months ago a new club was formed in the East Mountains! The East Mountains Toastmasters Club. The club has been meeting on the first and third Mondays of the month at 6:15 p.m. at Los Vecinos Community Center on Route 66 in Tijeras for the past two months. Our next meeting will be July 10. The club is open to all over the age of 18. Guests are welcome at any meeting.

A typical meeting consists of two or three 5- to 7-minute prepared speeches, a portion of impromptu speaking, and finally, brief evaluations of the first two to three speakers by other members of the club. At the end of each meeting, we pause for questions from the audience concerning the organization and club membership.

People join a Toastmasters club for a variety of reasons—to overcome fear of public speaking, to improve their organization skills in preparing and delivering presentations at a job, to make contacts, to compete in speech contests, to be part of a fun and supportive social group, etcetera. Whatever your reason for joining, Toastmasters can improve your life in many unexpected ways.

Toastmasters in a secular international organization with clubs in over 142 countries around the world. The organization was founded in 1924 by Ralph C. Smedley. Its mission today continues to be to help men and women improve their communication skills, while simultaneously developing leadership skills in a fun, supportive environment.

Side benefits of joining a Toastmasters club are the long-lasting friendships and the business contacts one can develop.

Please call me for additional information about upcoming meetings and the Toastmasters Organization in general at 862-216-5891. Club meetings are open to all guests. Please consider visiting for an evening and see if Toastmasters could benefit you.

Mary Ellen Burns

President, East Mountain Toastmasters Club