The questionable state of health care

We Americans are a melting pot of diverse and multi-cultural people. One would think this is a good thing. But when it comes to finding agreement for any particular program, diversity is not a friend and works against unity of thought.

Look at health care. The Affordable Care Act (the ACA also known as Obamacare) failed to get consensus from anybody outside the Democratic Party. And the Republican health care plan can’t even find consensus within the party. There are just too many differences to overcome at the Federal Government level. This is because various states have different expectations about health care and we are seeing that their representatives reflect these differences.

There are other difficulties with a government-run health care program besides the obvious diversity of thought problem. There is the question, “How sure are we that government-run health care is really constitutional?” No direct statement in our Constitution mandates or suggest a health care program. On the day the ACA was enacted 26 states sued to have the law struck down as a violation of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause. Later when taken up by the Supreme Court in 2012 most, but not all, provisions were upheld. Understandably, the ACA has never enjoyed large acceptance by the American people nor Congress.

The economic system of United States is based on capitalism, a free market and private enterprise system. A single payer or government run system like Obamacare smells of Socialism.

Socialism is where government oversight is replaced with politicians and bureaucrats telling doctors and patients what can and cannot be done. In the past this has not been a favorable topic embraced by both public and health communities.

Then there is the question of entitlements. Citizens have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The U. S. Declaration of Independence states our Creator gives us these unalienable rights. Although it would be nice to also have a right to health care, that is not the case. Neither is a guaranteed job with a minimum wage an entitlement. Those entitlements, although favored more by utopian thinkers, are typically idealized in socialistic countries and wherever implemented seem to always fall short of their intended goals.

It could very well be that for the ACA, ‘replace’ is not possible and ‘repeal’ is the only option. No ‘replace’ legislation is likely to satisfy a majority of representatives from all states. That is the case so far. If in fact, this diversity of thought continues to be true, then the only option is to let each state decide on their own health care plans, and have the federal government enact laws allowing citizens to choose their own health care plans across state lines. This idea is similar to what Sen. Rand Paul has suggested and I think is gaining popularity.

In any case, the debate over quality affordable health care is hardly over.

Boyd Reasor, Edgewood

Meeting about sunflowers in Sunflower Meadow Park

To Sunflower Meadow Park users: Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation has scheduled a community meeting on Wednesday, July 19, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Sunflower Meadow Park. There may be other issues but I believe the primary one is to discuss whether the park is to be mowed down to the soil every six weeks—or if Sunflower Meadow Park will actually have a meadow with sunflowers in it. Present will be reps from Parks and Rec to hear feedback from the community. Also attending will be a wildlife biologist from New Mexico State University, who would like very much to do a study of that parcel in the heart of our neighborhood. That study would offer a unique educational opportunity for families—and school classes—to learn which plants and animals we live among. But for the study to occur, the meadow must regrow and remain in its natural state.

Hope you can be there.

Katharine Beebe
, Raven Road

Thanking the community for help with birthday

Bethel Community Storehouse would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for helping to make the Bethel Community Storehouse’s 30th Birthday Bash so special. Tillery Chevrolet, Smith’s Food and Drug, Sam’s Club, Mayor Ted Hart, Torrance County Commission, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Charles Montano, Peggy, Jimbo, Mixed Company, East Mountain Vineyard Church, First Baptist Church of Moriarty, Judge Page, Carol Aragon and friend, Georgie Hibler, Orbit, Sol the Suncat, Jim Ridgeway and the God Inspired Gathering, East Mountain Assembly of God Church, Tom Walmsley and the Gideons and TN Jumper Rentals.

Next up for Bethel, we are hosting a school supply drive to help low-income children get ready for school. New supplies are needed for all grades from kindergarten to 12th grade, especially: gently used or new children’s clothing, backpacks, lunch bags, other supplies. Food for lunches is also needed. Tax-deductible monetary donations are also appreciated, and can be sent to Bethel Storehouse, P.O. Box 958, Moriarty, NM 87035. Call 505-832-6642 for more information. We appreciate the ongoing generosity of our community of neighbors helping neighbors.

Linda Smith, Executive Director