Bethel seeking donations for the Christmas holiday

Bethel Community Storehouse is in their 30th year and has been busy helping our neighbors in need for the Thanksgiving holiday, serving 693 families (1971 people) with food boxes, clothing, coats, furniture and household items. We are now preparing to help even more families for Christmas and we continue to need the community’s help.

Bethel needs donations of food, including turkeys, hams and holiday foods, new toys and stocking stuffers. We have an angel tree set up and stockings that can be checked out and filled for needy boys and girls. Coats and blankets are also in large demand. Tax deductible financial gifts can be sent to P.O. Box 968, Moriarty, NM 87035 or through PayPal on Bethel’s website The client services office is open Tuesday through Friday, from noon to 3:45 p.m., for anyone needing Bethel’s services. Call 832-6642 for more info.

Linda Smith

Executive Director, Bethel Community Storehouse


‘Regulating guns in America will not solve anything’

My name is Caden Manning. I am working on acquiring my Eagle Scout and to pass off a requirement I must email a local editor of the newspaper about one of my opinions. I would like to talk about my opinion on the controversial issue of gun control. I believe that the right to bare arms as stated in the Constitution should be upheld but I also believe that a few regulations should be taken for precautions. Every other day there is another mass shooting, but note that these occur in cities with the most gun control. This puts into people’s minds that we need to eliminate guns completely but if we do this good, law abiding citizens will not be able to protect themselves from criminals who would still be able to acquire weapons through the black market. Did people stop drinking alcohol when prohibition was enacted in the 1920s? Do teenagers still drink and smoke even though its against the law? Regulating guns in America will not solve anything, it will only infringe upon the rights of innocent, good, law abiding citizens. I hope that our right to bear arms will not be taken from us. Thank you for your time.

Caden Manning

Moriarty High School


Enjoying Mountain Musing and the author’s travels

I was so pleased with Wally Gordon’s recent column on Canada Part 2 (“Canada Part 2: road kill,” Nov. 8-14). I wonder if anyone other than myself has ever heard of Tadoussac? I was engaged to a young man, in the 1960s, whose family had a cabin there. I used to fly from LaGuardia Airport to Montreal, meet my boyfriend, then we would all drive north.

How nice to hear that Tad has become an artists’ community. Enjoy your travels. Enjoy your column. And, no, we didn’t marry.

Nancy K. Leski, Edgewood