Resident seeks Sunday alcohol sales in Edgewood

Ever have company come for a Sunday dinner and you would like a nice bottle of wine to complement your great cooking? Well, you will have to drive, seven, ten or more miles, if you live in Edgewood.

There is a petition being circulated to request that the Town Council of Edgewood include a question on the March ballot to allow the sale of packages of beer, wine and liquor on Sunday in the town.

All liquor sales tax goes to the state and is used in support of schools. Often, there is more purchased than beer or wine at the same time. That Gross Receipts Tax stays right here in Edgewood.

The petition is to allow the question on the ballet where all Edgewood citizens can vote on it. About 300 signatures of Edgewood registered voters are needed by the end of the month.

If you are interested in signing the petition or knowing more about the question, please contact me at

Susan Simons



Molly’s owner seeking support to open Sundays

Local residents of the Village of Tijeras and surrounding communities have long patronized various businesses whose presence and functions allow East Mountain dwellers to enjoy different services that become a convenience for them to enjoy the East Mountain differences from Albuquerque life. We appreciate the slower pace of life and, the casual development of relationships with neighbors; who fast become friends. One of these establishments that has been sewn into the fabric of East Mountain living has been Molly’s Lounge located in our Village of Tijeras.

Historically, the establishment began small. When the I-40 came through, Molly was asked to choose other land as the projected highway would be needing her property to continue the highway and complete the interstate. She could easily have chosen a place in Albuquerque to relocate her business that would be more profitable, but instead desired to remain in the East Mountains where her roots were established and serve the community she so loved. Initially, the business served as a byway to refresh the local population from a hard day’s work and at times some entertainment to relax and reap some rewards of peace and tranquility. These days the establishment still strives to support the community by offering the relaxation from a hard day’s work, enjoyment with family and to listen to entertainment that has become a hallmark of the community.

As a member of her family by my marriage to her son, Romeo DiLallo, who has sadly passed away, I have and wish to continue that tradition of serving the local community and surrounding areas to have a place of relaxation, enjoyment and location where people can meet friends, family and enjoy a dance or two when their desires please them.

Molly’s is presently open six days a week and I want the pleasure of offering Sunday limited hours to do the same. As a parishioner of Holy Child Parish, I understand the sanctity of service and would expect to be open only after Sunday morning services are complete and realizing that workdays begin after the Sabbath. Increasingly, as our community grows, other establishments serving spirits and food are developing full week schedules and I would like to offer the community the same.

The Village of Tijeras will soon send registered voters notice that Molly’s would like to extend the business hours to include Sundays. I wold hope that you would provide your vote of support to continue through the week a place to meet friends, listen to entertainment and request special gatherings for birthdays, celebrations and sports events, to appreciate the East Mountain life at leisure in your community.

Please vote yes to support Sunday operation of Molly’s. Thank you.

Diane DiLallo

Owner, Molly’s Lounge