Candidate information and background

My name is Susan Simons and I am running for a seat on the Edgewood Town Council. We have lived in Edgewood since 1996 and our children went to Mountainview Elementary, Moriarty Middle School and Moriarty High School.

I retired as senior management from an Albuquerque non-profit organization that reached a budget of a quarter of a million dollars while I was there. I have a Masters in Non-Profit Management and am a Certified Fundraising Executive. This is a peer review certification that acknowledges more than 20 years working with non-profits in all capacities.

I have volunteered with the Town of Edgewood since before it was Town. I served on the Library Advisory Board when the Library was housed in the strip mall on Route 66. I have attended Council meetings over the last 20 years and always found them enlightening, educational and, sometimes, entertaining.

In the last few years, I have been very involved with Animal Protection and instrumental in passing the bond that allowed the town to build our new Animal Shelter. I also served on the Animal Shelter Advisory Board. I am still active with Friends of Estancia Valley Animals, the low cost spay and neuter organization that serves the citizens of Edgewood.

In the past, I was the Director of Salt Mission Trail Mainstreet. It was here that I came to more fully understand the relation between local government, county and state. It also gave me a greater appreciation of the history of the Edgewood area and the importance of Route 66.

I believe that this history can be honored and preserved while planning for the future growth of our community.

I am asking for your support and vote on March 6 so I can serve the citizens of Edgewood as a Council member and help with reasonable growth as Edgewood faces new challenges in the future.

Thank you.

PS: I would like to invite you all to a dessert and coffee on January 30 at the Edgewood Community Center to meet me and bring me your concerns, questions and ideas about growth in Edgewood.

Susan Simons, Edgewood


Stanley resident warns how quickly fire spreads

A brush fire started at 11:45 a.m. in front of my house on Dinkle and King Road. My neighbors saw someone flick a cigarette out their car window and this is what happened immediately. Two men who work for Kings Farms stopped, got out their shovels and had most of the fire out by the time Edgewood and Stanley fire departments responded. We came home just before the fire department got there. It spread incredibly fast. Even though the grass by our homes may be short and bush hogged, we can still suffer a great loss from fire. Please, please do not throw lighted cigarettes out of you car, and don’t park on the side of the road if you have a hot catalytic converter on your car. Catalytic converters can start a fire on the side of the road in an instant also.

Kudos to my neighbors who saw the fire start, to the King’s workers and to both fire departments, who got here as soon as they could to do the mopping up with the water in their trucks. Fire Danger is high.

Marjorie Fiske, Stanley