Former town councilor endorses two candidates

As a former Edgewood town councilor, I understand what it takes to do a credible job. Two current candidates have the understanding and experience: Linda Holle and Glenn Felton.

Linda Holle has served as the Interim Clerk/Treasurer and, since June of 2017, has served on the Town Council. She knows the mechanics of local government. She understands the finances and wants to build our reserves to enable the town to continue to improve our infrastructure. How smart is that? If we can attract new business (access to sewer, etc.) we can diversify our tax base (good news for property owners). I really like what she’s saying.

Glenn Felton has previously served on the Town Council, from 2006 to 2010. He got a lot done, and he knows how our local government works. He was instrumental in establishing Edgewood’s first police department and in acquiring Sections 32 and 34. His campaign flyers include the phrase, “and I never run with scissors.” It’s not just a glib phrase to make you smile and raise your eyebrows, it’s a characterization of how he approaches things before he acts. He thoroughly does his homework to understand the broader, long-range implications.

I haven’t served on the council for the past 12 years. But I’ve kept close tabs on what our local government is doing (or not doing). I am pleased as punch to lend my support for Glenn Felton and Linda Holle. Please take the time to vote!

Ellen Wymer, Former Councilor Town of Edgewood


How to help Bethel help the community

Bethel Community Storehouse has been serving the greater Estancia Valley and East Mountain area for 31 years. We are an interfaith community mission and our goal is to provide help to their neighbors in need of food, clothing, furniture, household items and seasonal help.

We also network with other agencies who also provide low-cost or free services to those in need. In 2017, Bethel helped 21,804 people with $231,965.47 worth of goods and services; 478,802 pounds of food was distributed.

Bethel cannot do what we do without the support of the community. Ways you can help: Donate new and used items for the thrift store, shop at the thrift store, donate your unwanted vehicles for our Vehicle Donation Program, donate food, volunteer or make a tax-deductible financial contribution. Call 832-6642 for more information or visit their website at

Linda Smith, Executive Director