Town elections were held around the state of New Mexico Tuesday, including several towns in the Tricounty area. Following are the unofficial results as reported by town clerks on Election Day.

Official results will be released after each municipality canvasses its vote.

Most towns hung on to their incumbent elected officials, with a few fresh faces.

Edgewood gets a new face on town council

With unofficial results reported, Edgewood will get a new face on the town council.

Linda Holle was the biggest vote-getter in the race, with 367 votes. Holle was appointed to finish the term of councilor Chuck Ring, then running for re-election.

Audrey Jaramillo got 270 votes to garner a seat on the council.

Glenn Felton, formerly on the council, got 250 votes; Susan Simons got 113 votes and Ivonne Riley got 19 votes.

Tijeras keeps its incumbents in town vote

Unofficial election results from the Village of Tijeras show the incumbents retaining their seats by a comfortable margin.

The election also reduces the number of seats on the council from five to four.

With a total of 169 votes cast, incumbent Jake Bruton came out on top with 87 votes, for 51 percent. Fellow incumbent Felix Garcia got 77 votes, for 46 percent.

Santiago “Jimmy” Chavez, the husband of mayor Gloria Chavez, got 55 votes, for 32.5 percent; Ernestina King got 50 votes for 29.5 percent; Wilma Garcia got 27 votes for 15.9 percent; Jeffrey Claypool got 18 votes for 10.6 percent and Michael Jaffa got 6 votes for 3.5 percent.

The top two vote-getters are seated on the council.

Mountainair elects Nieto mayor, adds new council member

With unofficial results reported, Mountainair elected Peter Nieto mayor, and reinstalled incumbents to the municipal judge seat and town council.

Nieto was elected mayor with 190 votes out of the total number of votes, which was 641, a total of 29.6 percent.

Edwina “George” Hewett got 96 votes, or 14.9 percent; Ernie Lopez got 48 votes, for 7.5 percent.

For 4-year terms on the town council, challenger Jose “Richard” Torres got the most votes, with 207 and 32 percent. Incumbent Juanita Carrillo was re-elected with 126 votes, or 20 percent.

Others running for town council but who were not seated by voters were Kathy L. Anglin, with 110 votes, and 17 percent; Phillip David Nelson got 68 votes, and 11 percent; Samantha Sullenger got 61 votes, for 10 percent; and Jeremy L. Oliver got 32 votes, earning 5 percent.

For the municipal judge, Marion Riley was re-elected with 233 votes, and about a three-to-one margin over her nearest competitor with 36 percent. Anthony Medina got 68 votes, or 11 percent, and Delia Ferguson got 26 votes, for 4 of the vote, and James R. Frazier got 6 votes, or 1 percent.

Town clerk Dennis Fulfer said 52 percent of the town’s eligible voters turned out to the polls in what he called a busy day.

A few fresh faces in Estancia after municipal vote

With unofficial results reported, Estancia elected Nathan Dial mayor with 123 votes.

Challengers Albert Lovato got 85 votes and Manuel Romero got 28 votes respectively.

For the four-year term trustee seats went to Noah Sedillo with 159 votes and J. Morrow Hall with 79. Cory Dryden got 61 and Mark Martinez got 43.

For the two-year term trustee seat Stella Chavez won re-election with 153 votes; Glenda Page got 82 votes.

The Municipal Judge position was kept by Bruce Dile, who was re-elected with 133 votes. Martin Lucero got 61 votes and Michelle Schmidt got 39.

Romero will retain his seat on the Board of Trustees.

Willard mayor wins re-election 2 to 1

With unofficial results reported, Willard voted to re-elect its longtime mayor, Robert Chavez mayor with 78 votes and 60.5 percent of the total votes cast. Challenger David Cass Tyler got 43 votes and 33 percent.

For town councilor incumbent Faye Chavez got 71 votes and 55 percent; Deminicia D. Garcia got 55 votes and 42.6 percent. Jerry Lee Pack got 46 votes and 35.6 percent; Carolyn L. Langwell got 29 votes and 22.5 percent.

The top two vote-getters are seated on the council.

No change after Moriarty’s city vote

Unofficial results of Moriarty’s municipal election will mean no change at all in the makeup of town government.

Mayor Ted Hart ran unopposed, but still garnered more votes than any other candidate by a wide margin, with 103 people giving him the thumbs-up.

Incumbents Dennis Shanfeldt and Kimberly Garcia were re-elected, with 77 and 79 votes respectively, while challenger Jonathan Ipiotis got 41 votes and was not seated.