Running for Torrance County Probate Judge

My name is Melvin McNeil and I am running for Torrance County Probate Judge. I retired after 21 years from the United States Air Force, almost 5 years were served at Kirtland Air Force Base. After the Air Force I served another 21 years working as a Letter Carrier and Supervisor with the United States Postal Service.

During my early years in the military, during the Vietnam War when being in the military was not popular, I was assigned to the Air Force Honor Guard in which duties required notification of family members of the loss of their loved ones. In addition, as the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of the Honor Guard, I was also in charge of the funeral detail, pall bearers and rifle squad, and on several occasions I was required to present the grieving parents or widow with the deceased service member’s Flag.

While working with the United States Postal Service, I began an outreach ministry at a county rest home where I ministered to the needs of the individual residents as well as their visiting families. This also required, at times, helping the family deal with preparations for funerals and memorial services.

After retiring from the United States Postal Service, my wife and I returned to New Mexico. As a minister of God, I have been called to comfort others in their time of grief and distress. I have earned a Master Degree in Theology and a Master Degree in Divinity from Liberty University. As you can see, I have a passion to serve others.

As a strong compassionate conservative the opportunity arose for me to serve as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Torrance County. I have currently stepped aside as the Republican Party County Chairman to respectively ask that you allow me to continue to serve as your next Torrance County Probate Judge.

Melvin McNeil, Moriarty


Thanking the Estancia community for support

To the community of Estancia: I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your support in the election on March 6. I also want to congratulate all the candidates that won.

Glenda Page, Estancia


Stanley man seeking seat on county commission

It’s time for a change in Southern Santa Fe County, District 3. I am running on the promise to all people in District 3 that I will bring change to our District. This change will include, but not be limited to, better utilization of County facilities in District 3, additional services for the elderly, increased road building and maintenance, increased law enforcement and fire protection, pursuit of economic development for jobs, providing employment and health care to our veterans, increased educational and technical skill opportunities and the recognition of rural ranch/farm life in District 3.

I am a lifetime resident of New Mexico and have years of experience in public entities. I am currently on my third year as appointed Commissioner on the Santa Fe County Health Policy & Planning Commission, I have been on the board of directors for the Make A Wish Program, the American Lung Association, and other non-profit organizations.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Education with a minor in Biology and Master’s Degree in Public Health. I am a retired employee of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where I have 27 years of experience managing state-wide and nation-wide public health programs.

I am a Veteran with four years active duty in the Air Force and eight years with the New Mexico Army National Guard.

I would greatly appreciate your vote.

Donald H. Reece, Stanley