Students from South Mountain Elementary School took part in a program to encourage young people to encourage young people to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, known as STEM in the school setting.

The Independent set the fifth-graders to work as reporters—first visiting the classroom to explain how to answer the “who, what, when, where and why” questions central to journalism.

Students revised their articles, and were then edited just like real reporters. A sample of that work follows.

Impressions of S.T.E.M. and A.F.R.L. Science Programs

By Emilee

Hi this is Emilee, and today I will talk to you about the five weeks we were in Starbase. The five weeks we were in Starbase/A.F.R.L., we learned about all the parts of the S.T.E.M. It was a lot of fun. Starbase is a really fun program we learned what the S.T.E.M. was. I absolutely loved Starbase while we were there.

Starbase is a laboratory, and we were on a very tight schedule. Fifth-graders had to be in the classroom by 8:25 a.m. and on the bus by 8:30 a.m., then we had to arrive at Starbase at 9:15 a.m. Then as soon as we arrived at Starbase we got straight to work. Then at lunch time we had a working lunch we would watch a video, or we would just do a mission.

The A.F.R.L. is located Kirtland in Albuquerque we came from Edgewood to Albuquerque, which took 45 minutes. Starbase is 40 miles away, so each time we went to Starbase we drove 80 miles each time. Every single week we drove about 400 miles. We had to last about one hour back and forth each week. This is where the A.F.R.L. is at. The reason why we went to Starbase was to learn a lot about chemistry. We also learned about a 3D printer and and physics and atoms. We learned all about science. On the last day we learned how to fly on a flight simulator. This is what we did at the A.F.R.L.

Why S.T.E.M. is Important

By Celeste S.

Hello my name is Celeste and I attend South Mountain Elementary in Mr. Abrams’ class. This is my article about Starbase. DoD STAR BASE is an amazing science program for low income schools. It started on Feb. 6 and ended on March 6. Starbase is in Albuquerque at Kirtland Air Force Base. A few of the instructors there are Ms. Starfire, Ms. MadDog and Ms. Lefty, but I believe there are more. What they do there is science missions with students from different schools. One of the missions they did was a flight stimulator I personally thought it was really amazing. Why the people at Starbase do this is to inspire young minds to pursue science and engineering.

Starbase Is Fun

By Ellena C.

Hi, my name is Ellena and I am going to tell you about Starbase. Starbase is a cool place where you get to do a lot of fun cool things and you get to do five working lunches. My class and half of Ms. Jones class were with Ms. Starfire and Ms. Mad Dog. The teachers Ms. Mad Dog and Ms. Starfire. Well the names are nicknames and I don’t remember their real names, but I know they told us their real names the first time I went.

There were five Tuesdays and I sadly didn’t go for the first and second time but I know I went three times on every Tuesday. The first time my class went to Starbase they came back saying they did a project called Eggbert. I asked my friend Sammy how fun it was, and she said that is was amazing, but she also said that the egg that she had got scrambled (It cracked, and never landed safely). The class was so happy when they came to the school and they were talking to the other students in my class. The reason I brought my permission slip in is because I wanted to go so badly, and I was the only one that was not going to Starbase. My nickname was Big Flat Fluffy Unicorn, and I was always with all boys when we were there. I hope you get to go.

It was fun to go to Starbase and you will be lucky to have Ms. Mad Dog and Ms. Starfire like I did! Have fun, my friends.

Kirtland Air Force Base Encourages Kids to Become Scientists

By Taylor H.

Hello my name is Taylor. At Starbase I was able to learn from Ms. Starfire, Ms. Mad dog, and Ms. Lefty. Although Ms. Lefty was a sub for Ms. Mad Dog for one week because her dad came to visit from out of town and she wanted to spend time with him. My teacher is Mr. Abrams from South Mountain Elementary he comes to Starbase with the class every time.

Where we go is Starbase held at Albuquerque, NM, Kirtland Air Force Base. We traveled to Albuquerque from Edgewood.

When we first began going to Starbase it was Feb, 6. We ended March, 6. We would go to Starbase for five Tuesdays. We would start at 9:15 a.m. and we finish at 2:15 p.m. That is 5 hours of all learning, with not a minute to spare.

Why they do this? I would like to explain to you about my experience. They work our lessons into trying to encourage us to become scientists or to show us how fun science is. We were also taught more about science.

Each lesson was taught around certain missions. For example, you have an egg. You also have $450 to buy items to save him. If you do not have a crack and your egg is fine, you survived. If your egg has a crack but not leaking, you are living. If your egg is leaking but not badly, it was unconscious with brain damage. If it was leaking badly, like mine, it was scrambled. That was what we did at Starbase. Thank you for your time.

This Is Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

By Samantha A.

My name is Samantha I am a fifth-grader from South Mountain Elementary, and I am going to inform you about DOD Starbase. DOD stands for Department of Defense. Starbase is a educational program that influences the STEM program. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. I went on a field trip to Starbase with my fifth-grade class. Starbase is five Tuesdays in a row, and it went form Feb. 6 to March 6. Starbase takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Kirtland Air Force Base. The Air Force Base made Starbase to influence the STEM program.

Day 1

We did a mission called Eggbert. It was a mission where we had a plastic spaceship and we had $450 to buy what we wanted to protect our Eggstronaut. We had a string from the roof to the floor. There were three categories: perfect, minor head injury and scrambled.

Day 2

We made a lab module using the CAD program. The CAD program is a program that connects to the 3D printer. To make the lab module we had to make them on a laptop at Starbase. At the end of the day we each got one; it is 2 inches long and 1-1/2 inches wide.

Day 3

We did more on the CAD program. This time we built a satellite station. With the satellite station we got to add attachments and a background. We did not get a satellite station we got a picture of our satellite station.

Day 4

We made CO2 cars, and after we made them we raced them against each other. There was a gold one and a silver one. The gold one had more pressure. With the gold one it has 8 grams of CO2, and the silver one has 4 grams.

Day 5

We had a lot to do the most fun thing was the flight simulator. The flight simulator was a computer that had a controller that looked like an actual steering wheel in an airplane. if you landed perfectly on the runway on your first time, you got a normal pin and a special pin. If you did not do that you jut got a normal pin.

That is what my fifth grade class did at Starbase.

STEM: Be Kind And Learn Lots

By Tristan T.

Starbase is a program to try and persuade young minds to become part of the STEM project. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Starbase tries to get you familiar with these. They do fun experiments, they also have working lunches. It is fun and educational for everyone. They tried to make everything fun. If you act bad or rude or mean you may get kicked out of the class. You work hard, do fun things and get an education.