‘Keep it local’ and support

the remaining newspaper

It is always sad when a community loses a business. But it is especially sad to have the Mountain View Telegraph close its doors. A newspaper is part of the glue that keeps a community together, informed, engaged, and connected—newspapers help define our very community identity in many ways.

The closure of the Telegraph only stands to underscore the need for residents of this region to, “Keep It Local!”

The Independent is now the only local newspaper to tell our regional story, share local victories, and inform on regional topics. When local businesses advertise in a newspaper, it supports local news publication. That publication allows the community to know what it is happening locally. In turn, the business ads invite customers to shop locally.

When you support local businesses with your purchasing power, you help assure choices and variety of shopping and service options. Your dollars, spent locally, not only buy the products you desire, but provide employment for local neighbors and the small business owners—who in turn, spend their money locally.

This is a real wake-up call to support all our local businesses, service organizations, schools, and special events. Keeping It local will make our East Mountain and Estancia Valley region a vibrant and prosperous one for everyone. It’s an easy choice we can make as consumers, and a goal that is within our power to achieve.

Linda Burke, Executive Director

Greater Edgewood Area Chamber of Commerce


‘Good words’ on newspapers

and the future of The Independent

You wrote such good words about the demise of the Telegraph (Editorial: The demise of a newspaper, June 13-19) and the future of The Independent that I wanted to take the time to say “GOOD WORDS”—it does matterJ

All the best in your new initiatives with The Independent!

Ric Davis, Sandia Park


Questioning Solid Waste manager’s

recommendation on EVSWA

I would like to know what are the consistent messages the manager of the Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority, Andy Miller, has been receiving from residents and county commissions? As a resident, I have no complaints and I’m sure there are others who have no complaints on their well-ran trash station or service that is given from friendly, helpful and hardworking employees, who are part of our community.

About the true cost and recommending termination, it has been manager Andy Miller who has been saying these things at EVSWA meetings, so that statement is false. (See EVSWA minutes from August 17, 2017; December 21, 2017 and May 17, 2018.) The county is well aware of these statements.

As far as the EVSWA contract with the county, this has been in place for years. This service has been serving the county residents for 20 years. It benefits both the county and EVSWA and is a win-win for all of us residents by keeping the cost down by receiving grants, capital improvement money and other government funding. Going out for a competitive bid would only hurt us. Under bidding by private businesses would cut our service and raise our rate and cost the county more. Private business is out for profit, while government to government provides services for the best interest of their residents.

This manager Andy Miller, indicated and supported terminating the contract which would terminate jobs, close our stations, destroy our 20-year-old system. Whom, he even said, is superior above all other solid waste services throughout the state. What? Which way is this guy going and what type of person is he?

We, the residents of this county, pay manager Andy Miller his salary and benefits of over $100,000 a year. To do what? Destroy jobs, our system, services, and go against what was recommended from the board of directors (his bosses). If this manager Andy Miller wants to see something terminated, let’s call for his contract to be terminated.

As a resident of this county, I would encourage and urge the rest of the residents to contact the board of directors of EVSWA, county commissioners and ask that, manager Andy Miller’s contract be terminated due to an unwillingness to protect jobs, our service and our system, and having negative feelings towards all county residents, and going against the recommendations of his bosses, the board of EVSWA.

The only thing that was said is that the county will take over billing. Stations and jobs will not be affected, unlike manager Andy Miller wants. (The county is still looking into this with legal at the time of this letter.)

Dan O’Connell, Torrance County Resident