Drivers passing buses endanger our children

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a very long time. I’ve been driving school buses for 23 years now. I’ve always driven for Moriarty-Edgewood Schools. There is urgent need for the community to understand that we as bus drivers are not carrying replaceable cargo! We drive your young and precious children, from our communities. Lately there have been numerous vehicles that will just drive right through a bus that is stopped, withy lights and stop signs out. This is an awful problem that we as bus drivers shouldn’t see.

Do you know that when you blow through a stopped bus, that is either boarding children or disembarking them, you are never sure you aren’t going to hit a child! Children can be very unpredictable. There are many laws that concern school buses that drivers are supposed to know and understand, and to obey while driving our roads.

School buses are large vehicles that are painted bright yellow and have flashing lights and stop signs, and are not camouflaged in any way. School buses activate their lights 120 feet before stopping, at which point multiple red lights, along with stop signs, come out. This should give drivers ample time, no matter which direction you are approaching a bus. A lot of times as soon as drivers see a bus with the amber lights on, instead of decreasing speed and preparing to stop, they speed up and pass the bus instead. I could keep going about the many things that happen to us as we are transporting your children to and from school.

Please be mindful that we are professional drivers that are transporting our future. Please share this with your readers, as this is very prevalent. Just this morning while picking up a student on Highway 41 just north of Moriarty, a black pickup ran my lights. Not only this, but he drove on the shoulder where the child was standing, and then he just flipped me off! This needs to stop before it’s too late for someone’s loved one.

Kathleen Porter, Bus No. 9


‘I prefer human interaction over machines’

I wanted to submit my opinion to your readers. It regards the new automated check-out system in our local Smith’s grocery. I don’t know if everyone has been there to see the new system, but I consider it the advancement of machines over people.

Personally, I prefer human interaction over machines. People seem to get excited over new gadgets, devices, etc., but I believe it’s at a huge cost. There may be people losing jobs due to the changes, and I won’t be receiving the smiles I get from the cashiers anymore.


Jill Henry


Looking for witnesses to flooding Aug. 1-2

Salutations, East Mountain community. I am in dire need of your help. If anyone (else) has noticed any rain water damage and/or destruction that was caused by the heavy rains that fell in the East Mountains on Aug. 1 and 2 (as a direct result of North 14 Highway Drainage project), please contact me ASAP! I need letters and/or pictures from anyone else along North 14 to include as more “evidence” to the Department of Transportation for them to reconsider my claim that was recently denied. Here is part of the letter I emailed to the D.O.T. of what happened:

“My name is Eliz and I live right off of N. Hwy 14. I am a Special Ed Teacher (of 18+ years) and currently work in the East Mountains. I have lived along N. Hwy 14 for over 20 years, without any major problems/issues.

“I just came home from visiting my folks in Minnesota in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, August 3rd, in dire need of a shower after my 2 day drive… Much to my dismay, I discovered that not only did I not have any water, but my well and entire water system had been flooded out and/or destroyed/compromised

“Upon following the obvious water trail, I discovered that the water came from the drainage ditch up by the road next to our driveway. According to my neighbors, the rain came down heavily on Wednesday and Thursday, August 1st and 2nd.

“When I came home at 3:00 am on the 3rd, the ditch was totally clogged and (instead of running between the neighbor’s property and the property to the North of them – drainage water is supposed to drain all the way from N14 East to the stream behind our houses) huge volumes of water had been instead diverted South (by Mother Nature) across my driveway (which belongs to my neighbor north of me, I have easement).

“The sudden inappropriate diversion of water cut huge gouges into the rock driveway and proceeded to flow and pool along the front of my house and into the front yard, where my well and entire water system is located and connected to the house.

“The huge volume of flooding water collected and pooled and along the front of my garage, seeped into part of my house, and continued flowing into my front yard, and ended up blowing out my well. The well (which had a heavy round metal top on it) was still full to the top with water when I got home and it had even floated the heavy lid off slightly by about a foot. The well pit itself is at least 6 feet deep and 4 or more feet wide in diameter. Imagine the volume of water it took to do this!

“Neighbors (to North of me) have officially called more than 3 times over the last 20+ years (to both the D.O.T. and the neighbor’s to the North of them) to get someone to take care of the ditch between them (on the other side of the fence). They never once got a response or a reply from either party.

Nothing was ever done about it until…. the project on N14 (this last spring of 2018). My neighbor is my witness that I have never had water divert to the front of my house in over 20+ years since the new construction. “According to my neighbors, this disaster and inappropriate water diversion (failure) just happened due to the torrential rain Wed/Thurs., August 1st and 2nd. Bottom Line, my well and entire water system leading to the house is now destroyed/damaged.”

I was instructed to file a Tort Claim on what I thought was a pretty clear cut case that either the D.O.T. and/or neighbors to the north were responsible for this ditch neglect and/or faulty design (that led to the disaster on Aug. 1st/2nd). The D.O.T. purchased a lot of land in the 1970s, including the drainage ditch in question. It appears that the ditch – and its maintenance – has been neglected (and filling in with sediment) for at least 46 years.

Unfortunately, my Claim was turned down. I was told there was not enough “evidence” provided. My neighbor (whose driveway I share) has already written one letter to help support my “more evidence needed,” but I am going to need a lot more help. Please contact me ASAP if you think you may have any similar “evidence” to help support my claim.

Sincerely needing community help,

Eliz Owens

“Eliz Without Water” on North 14



Survey gives Edgewood direction for the future

Community input is being sought to create a “Vision for Edgewood” (aka Comprehensive Plan). A quick 10-minute survey on a variety of topics is now available on the town website ( The survey responses will provide anonymous information that instructs the steering committee on what is important to the community and where to begin.

This year-long process will include many public input opportunities and public meetings to help refine key topics. Ultimately, this all leads to a well-crafted document that guides the town’s direction over the next 10-20 years. What would you like to see for Edgewood?

Now is the ideal time to get involved, share your thoughts, and be part of the process. The town and committee want to hear from everyone. All ideas and perspectives really are vital to finding Edgewood’s common vision and hopes for the future. Can you spare 10 minutes to help define your town?

Linda Burke

Executive Director

Greater Edgewood Area Chamber