By Leota Harriman

Details are sketchy on two events, one involving the death of a man and a woman south of Moriarty, and the other a man who threatened deputies with a chainsaw north of Mountainair this week.

Torrance County Sheriff Heath White was at a sheriff’s conference in Ruidoso, but gave what details he could on the two events Tuesday afternoon.

A man and a woman were found dead on Glass Road, south of Moriarty, Sunday night, but White said he could not confirm names or any other details of the case, which is still being investigated.

The other case involved a man who was “obviously intoxicated from something,” according to Mountainair Police Chief Robert Chung, who threatened law enforcement officers with a chainsaw.

White said Torrance County deputies were called in to assist, and that the man said he wouldn’t be taken alive and threatened to cut off the heads of deputies with the chainsaw.

They tried to talk him down,” White said, but ended up subduing the man with a Taser. Chung said the man was then taken to the hospital.

White said that when he returns from Ruidoso he will review the deputies’ lapel cameras for both events and give an update to The Independent at that time.