We have covered terrible news over the past two years from friends dying to our schools listed at the bottom nationally. So here we have good news! Today we have something wonderful to report from Estancia Valley Classical Academy. Ms. Leslie Young, music teacher for K-12, was chosen by the National League of American Pen Women, Yucca Branch, to receive this year’s award in Music.

It is for outstanding work by a teacher who not only gives music to elementary students, but upper classes as well. Young shows us her devotion to her craft by staying after school so all students who wish to participate can.

Since its founding in 1897, the mission statement of Pen Women was to support and promote creative excellence and professional standards in Art, Letters, and Music. These are our goals. As a member of the Pen Women, I was honored to award the prize.

Young’s award was given April 13, during the school’s Flag Ceremony. A charter school, EVCA begins the day each morning with a patriotic greeting.

Kathy Schuit, Pen Women’s secretary, presented a check of $150 for use in the Music program. This reporter, Jo White, (incoming president for Pen Women), bestowed a Certificate of Excellence for this outstanding teacher honoring her success in the quest she has chosen. Photo by Kathy Schuit.

A Smile in Springtime and the Pen Women