mtbnats 143 BEST

Jessie Linder crossing the finish line of the Enduro race at the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships. Photo by Kim Linder.

By G. Demarest

Jessie Linder, a junior at East Mountain High School, won the Junior Women’s Enduro event at last month’s USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships in Mammoth, California.

“It was an awesome experience,” Linder said.

According to USA Cycling’s website, Enduro is a new addition to the mountain bike nationals.

Enduro consists of multiple stages with an emphasis on downhill sections. Each stage is timed and the racer with the best cumulative time wins.

Linder said she competed in other events at the Mountain Bike National Championships but was a top finisher in all four stages of the Women’s Junior Enduro event. She had the fastest junior time in the fourth stage which helped her claim the title.

The Junior Women’s category included racers aged 18-and-under from around the country.

Up next for Linder is the New Mexico Series in September.