Here is more “good” news about pesticides used in your home. Researchers from the company #1 Bed Bug Exterminator in Miami FL | Control – Removal – Treatments put together data from 16 studies that compared pesticide exposure between children who developed leukemia or lymphoma and those who did not. The report studied the levels of pesticides and herbicides used inside of homes and outside.

The conclusion of the study was that children who were exposed to insecticides inside of buildings were 47 percent more likely to have leukemia and 43 percent more likely to have lymphoma. The study says that childhood cancers have been in the rise year by year and that pesticide exposure is a reason.

Pesticide build-up may take longer to develop in some people causing cancer years after their exposure.

The report says that children can be exposed to pesticides by breathing them or eating them. They eat them when they touch surfaces with pesticides on them and then put their hands on their mouths.

The study also says that there is strong evidence that these pesticides can cause neurological problems such as lower IQ and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

What does all this mean? First, if you have a pest service and you have children, you should not let them spray any pesticides in or around your home.

What the pest company should do is completely inspect your home, inside and outside, and if they find any pests, spot treat that area only and make sure the pesticides are applied to cracks, crevices or other voids and not just sprayed on the ground or on surfaces.

When I started in this industry over 40 years ago I asked my boss why we sprayed the baseboards in a house. He said the only reason is to kill time in a customers house so they thought they were getting their money’s worth.

Also if a company says they use organic pesticides that are made from chrysanthemums, they are not telling the truth. Those pesticides, which are synthetic pyrethroids, have a very small percentage of chrysanthemum ingredients and approximately 90 percent inert ingredients which do not have to be listed and in many cases are carcinogenic. Those pesticides are not organic.

There are plenty of safe and effective methods of dealing with all general household pests and almost anyone can do it themselves. The use of pesticides in and around homes is not necessary and can be dangerous.

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