A bear in the middle of Edgewood came down from the power pole where it had taken refuge, and went on its way in the night. That’s according to Edgewood’s interim Police Chief David Lovato. “My guys got called in the middle of the night last night informing them about a bear on a power pole,” Lovato said. “They were asking what they could do about it.” Lovato said the residents had called the Department of Game & Fish, which said they couldn’t respond, advising the people to go inside, turn the lights off, and wait for the bear to come down on its own. He said bear was at “Dinkle and Horton, right in the middle of town.” Lovato said the town has bear sightings every year or two, adding, “It’s pretty much the same thing with mountain lions.” Drought conditions means potential bear sightings as they forage for food, Lovato said. “If you have small pets, bring them in. … Make sure your trash is locked up the best you can, stuff like that.” The last time he saw a bear in Edgewood, Lovato said, he was driving on Edgewood 7 at twilight when he saw a vehicle oncoming, flashing its lights at him. Turns out there was a bear on the road running straight for him, Lovato said. The bear ran up a short tree, thought better of it, climbed down and took off running.