In 2016 the Church Street Market opened its doors in Edgewood, a unique concept featuring tiny picturesque storefronts, rented out to a variety of small businesses.

The upscale indoor flea market hosts several types of businesses, and a plethora of items can be found at the market including honey, antiques, flowers, knives, eggs, home décor, jewelry, soap, furniture, tools, outdoor equipment, pet supplies, personal protective equipment, small appliances and even fishing licenses.

This year the Church Street Market is expanding its business space. Owner Diana Williams said a couple of years ago they built a structure they call the “Red Barn,” originally with the intention of expanding the building.

She said in the past six months they have started to renovate the space and get it ready for retail businesses. She said the building is 2,400 square feet, the same size as the original building.

Williams said they will also be expanding their hours.

Aiming for the beginning of May, the market will have more space, more businesses and hours of operation during the week in addition to weekends. She said when the new space is ready there will be two entrances; the east side entrance will be open during the week and the north entry will be open on weekends only.

In addition to the the new building, they also have a new area coined the “Breezeway,” which will house a plant nursery with plants for sale, and gardening supplies. It is located between the Red Barn and the original building.

She said the person who provides the nursery has set up on the porch out front of the market for the last few years and they now have a dedicated space for the nursery.

Williams said they also bought a new building that is 1,600 square feet that will be used as a storage and staging area for merchandise.

She said once the project is complete, the Church Street Market will be the largest facility of its kind in the East Mountains in terms of square footage.

Williams said she has four new shops and a few of the old shops planning to move into the new space. According to Williams, the Rustic Nut will start moving into the “upper part of the facility” in approximately two weeks’ time. She said others are finalizing their decisions and she isn’t sure who all is moving just yet.

To learn more about the varied offerings of Church Street Market, visit their Facebook page.

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