With new businesses sprouting up around the Estancia Valley and East Mountains, and with others moving, expanding, or making changes, The Independent is running a regular business feature to keep the community up to date.


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Shop Cyndi’s Stash is a new boutique in the East Mountains. Primarily based online, Cyndi Ingram also has a boutique set up in her home for local customers.


Ingram opened her store in January. The boutique sells women’s clothing from Agnes & Dora, which is a women’s clothing line. Independent consultants, like Ingram, can then buy the line and resell clothing items. Ingram says that there is a great selection.



Shop Cyndi’s Stash carries clothes sized XS to 3X, and they have a large variety of fabrics and styles ranging from casual to business. Ingram says that the fabrics are “not outlandish and beautifully done” with mostly solid colored fabric. The prints include things like stripes, florals, and polka-dots.


Ingram gets new items in weekly because she says trends tend to last about six to twelve months and she likes to stay current. She keeps an inventory of about 600 items on hand, and certain items she keeps longer if she has a feeling they will remain popular to her customers longer than the trend lasts publicly.


Ingram is also part of a large consultant network on the internet. They purchase items from one another if needed. The group consists of about 4,000 consultants currently who use Facebook as a means to network with one another.


Inventory is seasonal but the consultant network allows her to find off-season items if needed. The price range of Shop Cyndi’s Stash is $22 to $65.


Local customers can make an appointment and go in person to try out, get help with or purchase clothes from the boutique. Find her Facebook or contact 850-758-8754.


Life Juice Coffee is coming soon to Edgewood and are guaranteed to give Edgewood residents their best instant coffee.



Owner Vivian Stark plans to open the doors in about two weeks. They will be serving gourmet coffee in the form of espressos, lattes, blended coffees and flavored coffees. They will also be offering a selection of teas.


Life Juice Coffee will feature locally sourced coffee and will be serving Red Rock Roasters, a roaster from Albuquerque. They will also be serving pastries provided by Linda Thompson, formerly the owner of the Dough Re Mi Bakery.


Stark is also working with local restaurants in Edgewood with the hope of bringing in “grab and go” food to the coffeehouse. The price range of the café will be approximately $1 to $10. Stark is originally from Albuquerque but at 19 she joined the Air Force.


Her time in the military gave her the opportunity to travel all over the world. As a result, Stark has visited coffeehouses in numerous countries and even met her husband abroad. Her experiences with coffee from all over the place inspired her to create a café that has a particular type of ambience.


She hopes to create a space that is welcoming and warm, where people will not just come in, get coffee and leave. Instead, she wants to have a place where the community wants to hang out. There will be comfy seating, a kid area, local art for sale, open mics, community art projects, and they will be opening their space after hours for community events while also hosting the events and providing coffee.


Stark also has some ambitious plans for the future of Life Juice Coffee. Her crew will be training to create coffee art and to bring coffee from around the world to Edgewood.


The hours of operation will be Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and they will be closed on the weekends. Find them online at lifejuice-coffee.com or call 505-407-5632.


Links to social media handles will be available soon on their website and they will make an announcement when their social media accounts are active.