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East Mountain Roofing is doing a free roof giveaway.

People can nominate someone, or themselves, who are in need of a roof. Some restrictions apply.

Submitted entries will be accepted until March 14. Send submissions to eastmountainroofing.com/giveway.

Submissions should include a story and a picture. One nominee per person will be accepted.

After the submissions window closes, the team at East Mountain roofing will narrow the field to five finalists.

Those finalists will be voted for by the public and highlighted on Facebook. All applicants are required to sign a release form that is provided online, when applying, which serves as an acknowledgement, acceptance and understanding of the giveaway requirements.

Eligibility requirements include a maximum shingle square footage of 2,600, no flat roofs, no insurance coverage, and roof must be located in the East Mountains.

The winner will receive their new roof in the summer of 2020, weather permitting. The winner will be announced April 25 at the Country Living and Lifestyles Expo in Edgewood.

Finalists must be present to win.

East Mountain Roofing was opened by Daniel Kniffin in 2012.

Kniffin started as a journeyman roofer during college when he was 20 years old, working a part-time job under his stepfather in Los Lunas. Kniffin went to college for electrical engineering but his work and interests led him towards roofing.

Kniffin said that he would have to come to the East Mountains a lot when he was working in Los Lunas. In response to the need he saw, he decided to launch his own business and moved from Los Lunas to the East Mountains after he had established his business. He currently resides in Tijeras.

They managed to install roofs, fix them and replace them. The focus of the company is mostly roof maintenance. Their services include flat roofs, metal roofs and shingled roofs. They also do custom orders. Kniffin said that they are able and willing to learn about a project in order to educate themselves enough to execute the work.

They are interested in projects that include green energy and are working directly with solar companies, which includes a referral to a company that offers the green side of the installation. East Mountain Roofing will make sure the roof is at the standard required by solar companies prior to installation.

They are also interested in some up and coming green roofing ideas that are becoming popular all over the place that include things like flat roof gardens, solar skylights and solar fans for attics. They will take on new inventions too if a customer requests it. They offer services to both residential and commercial buildings.

The price range starts around $100 for things like repairs and goes all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for bigger structures like large houses and commercial buildings.

They currently cover a radius of about 50 miles in any direction around Edgewood, and have done roofing work in lots of areas in the East Mountains and Albuquerque including Rio Rancho, Belen, Los Lunas, Estancia, Santa Fe and Mountainair.

Kniffin said during the busy season, spring and summer, they stick a little closer to home so that customers aren’t waiting too long for services and they refer customers to closer companies.

They currently have 50 employees and put a heavy focus on hiring locally. They are constantly hiring and offer journeyman opportunities to untrained people interested in learning about roofing. They also offer jobs to seasoned roofers. The main focus is supporting the local economy.

For more information about the giveaway or to get a roof consultation go online to eastmountainroofing.com, visit Facebook or Angie’s List, call them at 505-264-7081 or email inquiries to eastmountainroofing@gmail.com.