Sometimes one man’s loss is not another man’s gain but he takes it anyway. Such is the case in a Torrance County business.

After many years in business, Moriarty Pipe & Iron closed, as owner Larry Irvin retired; their last day in business was the last day of June this year. As a result of that closing, another local business, Eastview Irrigation, stepped in to take over the accounts, as many people were impacted by this business closing. “There are 460 total accounts that we took over,” said Phil Clark, owner of Eastview Irrigation in Estancia. “Folks would have had to go to Albuquerque, redo leases and set up new accounts, and that included us,”

He said he didn’t want people needing welding supplies to have to do that so he decided to take on the welding side of the business and start exchanging gas bottles and expanding inventory to include welding supplies.

Clark said Eastview hopes to continue expanding its inventory for welding supplies as they learn what the community needs, with steel being one of the first things they want to add.

They revamped the store and new inventory includes welding rods, welding wire, grinder wheels, welder tips, safety gear and wire brushes. In addition, a variety of gas tanks can be exchanged: oxygen, acetylene, C25, CO2, argon and nitrogen.

The focus of Eastview Irrigation has always been irrigation machines, hardware, pipes and pumps. They specialize in Zimmatic irrigation machines like the ones that can be seen up and down N.M. 41 from Stanley to Estancia. Clark has owned the business for the last decade; the business has been serving the area since the 80s, he said.

Clark said the expansion wasn’t a big deal in terms of change, as all they really had to do was make space to set up the bottles and rearrange the store a bit to fit the new inventory.

“We aren’t making any money on this either,” said Bobby Carreon, the store manager at Eastview, adding, “He already has a huge workload and for him to take this, on top of all the other things he does, just to help people is pretty amazing and nice.”

Carreon said despite working for Clark for years now, they have known each other for many more before that and she has always known him to be a kind man.

“We have no money in it,” Clark said, adding, “But we are hoping it will pick up and bring us some new business.”