An Edgewood business has been nominated for an innovation award—for a process it hopes will change the standards in the construction industry.

Albuquerque Business First is a publication “recognizing and promoting New Mexico’s innovative spirit” with a “World’s Fair-style” event June 20 showcasing honorees. It will be held at Civic Plaza from 4 to 6:30 p.m.

ADR Laboratory Equipment, the Edgewood company nominated for an innovation award, is owned by Bryce and Susan Simons.

Called the “Phunque Test,” the Simons described the service in an “elevator pitch” this way: “In the construction industry, it is essential to know the fluid absorption of sand, gravel, soil and other materials known as aggregates—the foundation of all construction projects. The Phunque Test is a new and simple method of determining the saturation characteristics of any and all aggregates.”

The new test method “provides a much quicker and more accurate result that can be reproduced with little training,” which means “significant savings” in time and material preparation. It also allows compliance documentation of construction projects.

ADR started commercially marketing the test and equipment in 2016. According to the Simons, “it is currently being incorporated in the national and international building standards and demonstrated to various market locations throughout the country.”