FatPipe East Mountains, one location of collaborative FatPipe NM co-working spaces, plans to open in Edgewood in January 2021 in the building that formerly housed the Single Action Shooting Society, which moved its office to Moriarty.

FatPipe East Mountains was just established as the company closed a different location in October.

The original location, FatPipe ABQ was established in 2014 and FatPipe Rio Rancho was established in 2018 by owner and founder Stuart Rose.

According to the company’s COO, Lisa Adkins, “This is an experiment to see if our services for small businesses and startups are needed and utilized in rural communities as we believe there is an unmet need for entrepreneurial help and great internet.”

“We use FatPipe NM to reference all of our locations. A member of one FatPipe is a member of all FatPipes,” said Adkins.

Adkins said that the although the company is not planning to have its door officially open until 2021, they are already accommodating some tenants who were already established in the former SASS building and have decided to stay. “We are in the process of having fiber laid to the building, making tenant improvements and will re-carpet, paint and furnish before our official grand opening,” she said.

Memberships include 24/7 access, all utilities and nightly janitorial, multi-media equipment, IT infrastructure, conference space, which is free to members, access to our network and community, business assistance and mentoring, and a “fat pipe” to the internet.

The daily “drop-in rate” for non-members is $15. In addition, there is a $5 “drop-in” rate for students needing internet for homeschooling; kids under 16 must be accompanied by a parent. Memberships range from $150 to $375 per month and are all inclusive of the amenities mentioned above.

There are currently three locations in the state, with a fourth opening in Taos early 2021 as well.

“The pandemic hit us hard when all members were forced to work from home, but we are doing everything we can to create a safe environment for the members who have returned,” said Adkins.

The company is NM Safe Certified, are limiting occupancy and maintaining social distance, have nightly sanitization by janitorial teams and daily cleaning by staff.

In addition, there are hands-free temperature readers at the front doors, masks, gloves and hand sanitizer are all provided to members and the company is currently restricting access to travelers if they have not complied with the state’s quarantine orders.

“We already had plans to expand and believe there are many people looking for options over working from home. We have seen an increase in remote workers, organizations placing workers who don’t want long-term lease commitments, and families sharing seats to get out of the house,” Adkins said.

“We are a for-profit LLC in the business of leasing space. Co-working is not generally defined by the State—so our leasing is more of a collaborative workspace with business assistance and mentoring. Like-minded people working under one roof start helping each other and collaborative work spaces help reduce loneliness and the stresses of working from home,” Adkins added. “We are here to support home-based workers, small businesses, entrepreneurs and the families in the East Mountains.”

For more information visit our website at fatpipenm.com.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with 24/7 access for members at 215 Cowboy Way in Edgewood. Contact 505-227-8802 for details. FatPipe can also be found on social media: Facebook; Twitter and Instagram.

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