Oasis Roots Landscaping and Organic Design Woodworking was opened last year by owner Lukas Vatter. He said he had a rough start because the pandemic was announced in New Mexico—and because he broke his foot in a freak accident involving four curious baby skunks.

Vatter explained that he has a skunk that normally lives under his house. She had babies last year and had moved her litter into his workshop.

Vatter was trying to distance himself from the babies (after one of them climbed up his calf), so as not to upset the mom. He said he tried to run away, but slipped off a platform in his yard, ripping every tendon “that makes a foot work.”

After a hiatus for healing and quarantine Vatter reopened his business in May this year.

Vatter has a two-part business: half dedicated to landscaping and half dedicated to woodworking.

He said he is not licensed for landscaping yet and is working on that. “The whole reason I started was because of the elderly people and veterans all around me in my neighborhood.” He said a lot of them had “crazy yards and a limited income,” so he started working around McIntosh for free.

From the months of March to October, Vatter offers grass cutting, bush trimming, gardening, house painting, weed whacking, tree trimming, digging holes and mowing. He said he doesn’t do tree removal but he can trim them down.

He has a fairly large coverage area including Moriarty, Mountainair, Albuquerque and Estancia. He generally charges by the job and as his prices vary dependent on both services and his customers. For veterans and elderly people he charges what they can afford.

For the woodworking side, from the months of October to February, Vatter offers his woodwork for sale, in the form of wood carvings, furniture, walking sticks, horseshoes and fairy houses. To cover the cost of supplies he asks for half of the agreed-upon price, as a deposit.

Vatter is available Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 505-910-9877 for a free consultation.