The iPhone was brand new and little did we know how much that would affect us.

I had more hair and my beard was red.

Jay Wulf

Middle aged musicians and celebrities seemed to be immortal.

And of course, my lifetime of experience led me to convert a failed Blockbuster video into a restaurant in rural New Mexico.
We had a modest opening for friends and family, and like most openings, I was a broken mess, curled up in the walk-in, wondering why I opened another restaurant.
I thought it would be a no-brainer to open in Cedar Crest. I studied traffic counts and growth in the area. I calculated how much was being spent on dining in Cedar Crest (about $3 to $4 million). I estimated how much more could be spent in Cedar Crest rather than Albuquerque (conservatively $6 million). I measured twice, had people doublecheck my concept, and confidently started swinging my hammer.

The recession didn’t help, but this is a tough market folks. Since I have opened my doors, there have been 40 separate food and beverage places come and go on this 8-mile stretch of Highway 14 from Tijeras to Paako Estates. I’m currently the sixth-oldest business on this list, and share the top ten oldest places with businesses that are just celebrating their first years.
Thanks to all of you, the loyal customers that have stayed with us, and continued to support us week after week, year after year. Without you, looking towards another 10 years would be impossible.

It’s exciting to see the new places that are opening in the neighborhood are being opened by young people rather than us pessimistic old farts. I really feel these bright-eyed and bushy tailed young entrepreneurs are just what the East Mountains need to push forward the next stage of our growth in our community.

What’s in store for the next 10 years? Lots of ideas, some plans in the works, and our monthly specials. Can you say “Octoberfest?”

Greenside is online at, or contact them at 505-286-2684 or or look for The Greenside Cafe on Facebook.