What happens when you’re 45 years old and have already succeeded in several industries including home-building, hotels, and gas and oil, and able to retire? “Your wife tells you, ‘You can’t just hang around the house all day, find something to do,’” said Scott McCall, with a big laugh. The ever-busy McCall is a regional business owner and a true home-grown success story.

McCall was a child in Edgewood who attended a then newly-built Edgewood Elementary School, played sports, and graduated from Moriarty High School. He later went on to work alongside his father, Howard McCall. Today, his children are growing up here, in Edgewood.

Scott McCall’s current project, a $6 million hotel, may appear to be going up fast, but it’s taken nearly 20 years for this project to come to fruition. McCall originally hoped to build this hotel with his father in the late 1990s, but Edgewood did not have a sewer system at that time and their calculations for a septic system showed it would have required more land than was feasible. So, they waited on Edgewood and built in Moriarty instead.

Now, with a sewer system in place and the community looking for services and conveniences, McCall decided to undertake the project to invest in and support the community he calls home. He said the project represents the largest, single, one-time investment in Edgewood.

The hotel is Edgewood’s first, and at four stories, is the tallest building in the community. Located on George Court adjacent to Interstate 40, the building will be visible to travelers.

McCall, who owns Quality Inn in Moriarty, said, “It’s not my desire to hurt Moriarty; I’m invested in both [communities].” In order not to dilute the lodging business in Moriarty, he created a lodging option for those travelers seeking amenities in the mid-range price point (over $100/night).

He is targeting business travelers and families who might otherwise choose to stop in Albuquerque. That keeps their travel dollars for gas, meals, and potentially, other local conveniences, on this side of the Sandias.

The 72-room hotel, anticipated to open in early May, will carry the Comfort Inn & Suites flag and employ 5 to 6 full-time and up to 16 part-time staff members. The property will have a stucco and stone exterior with 16-foot portico at the entry. Inside will be a large lobby with fireplace, elevator, swimming pool and jacuzzi, fitness center, and meeting room.

In addition to traditional guest rooms, the hotel will offer suites with hide-a-beds, and eight extended-stay suites with kitchenettes.

McCall described numerous “green” elements and efficiencies in the project: “This hotel will be one of the very first in North America to include the highly quiet and efficient Daiken heating and cooling systems.” The building is fitted entirely with LED lighting, 14 tankless water heaters, and uses solar gain to heat the pool.

Guests will also benefit from the investment Plateau has made to bring fiber optic internet service to Edgewood, he said. McCall is working on plans for a future electric car filling station at the hotel, which would be the only one between Santa Rosa and Albuquerque.

The hotel should help boost local revenues, as the town of Edgewood recently adopted a Lodgers Tax ordinance.