Some people dream about turning their hobby into a business—and Beth and Darryl Day have done exactly that. Living in the Edgewood area since 1990, they have seen the community grow and change, raised their four children here, were volunteers for Stanley Fire Department, and now are part of the local small business community too.

As hobby photographers, the Days enjoyed preserving the unique history and heritage of New Mexico in photographs. In 2002, Beth Day began participating in local craft shows to sell their work. Out of necessity, she learned how to frame pieces and soon her photography customers were asking her to frame their art too. Soon framing became her new passion.

People began bringing her old family photos for framing. Often, the photos were in bad shape, so Darryl Day began experimenting with photo restoration. He found his talent for restoration and skills with design were something he enjoyed and people appreciated. It brought a new dimension to his creative outlets.

In 2016, the couple heard about a new retail venue in Edgewood, Church Street Market. It was described as a retail incubator and their wheels started turning. With children now grown, they decided it was the perfect time and place to test out their business idea in a retail environment. They set up two little shops—one for Pictures By Day, and the other for Dsigns by Day.

Eventually, it was time to take the leap to their own stand-alone retail shop, and in 2017, they moved to George Court, just off Route 66 in Edgewood. There, they have the space to house a large selection of matte and frame options, and a laser-guided matte cutter to allow for truly customized matte creations. Darryl can create decals and vinyl cut signs on site, plus custom banners and flags for promotions.

“We expected a slow start at the new location, but we’ve been surprised that business has been very steady since we opened,” Beth Day said.

She adds that people are often pleasantly surprised to discover a custom framing and graphic design shop in Edgewood.

“We understand people need different price points, so if they can’t afford a completely custom frame, I encourage them to find something they like at a local thrift shop,” she said. “When they bring it to me, I add the custom matte and glass, and they have something they love that fits the budget.”

The Days also enjoy keeping the focus local, so their shop includes a gallery area that features local artists’ work, prints, and cards.

Both of the Days have “regular” full-time jobs outside their business, which means their shop hours are a little unconventional (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday all day), but it’s working so far.

“The shop is our retirement plan,” Beth Day said. The original goal was to transition to their own full-time business over 10 years. According to Beth Day, “it’s becoming more of a 5-8 year plan.” But, her husband added, “Maybe a three year plan!”

Pictures By Day and Dsigns By Day are located a 2 George Court, Edgewood. More information is on their developing website,