Bob the Bobcat is the newest resident at Wildlife West Nature Park in Edgewood, arriving last week from the Desert Willow Rehabilitation Center in Carlsbad.

The bobcat was found before his eyes were open in southern New Mexico and was bottlefed for weeks by the staff at Desert Willow.

They first tried to see if Bob would simulate back into the wild by putting him in with another wild bobcat. The staff realized he had become too socialized so they contacted Wildlife West.

“The all-volunteer staff at the Park love him and want to spend all day with him,” said Roger Alink, Wildlife West’s founder. “Now is the perfect time to see the 5-month old cat because he still has his baby colors. His coat is spotted with yellowish-brown, buff and reddish-brown colors. He’s really pretty.”

In fall at Wildlife West with the cooler temperatures, animals are more active. The park also has four new baby grey foxes, along with cougars, a 500-pound black bear and other animals, all native to New Mexico.

The wildlife habitats have all been built by youth working through the New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps program over the last 25 years.

Wildlife West is open daily, year-round from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until the time change Nov. 5 when the hours will be from noon to 4 p.m. Call for more information at 505-281-7655 or visit