A mission to bring men into the lives of fatherless boys has found a home at Bethel United Methodist Church in Moriarty—that’s according to Bob Solomon-Drake, founder of Mentor Me Ministries.

Solomon-Drake said Bethel is the first church in New Mexico to join his vision, based on a Bible verse that “says we’re supposed to visit and defend fatherless boys,” he said.

IMG_0923An event will be held July 24, a church barbecue followed later that night by a Star Party, where “Bible study and prayer about creation” will be followed by a chance to look through a “homemade mini-observatory,” according to Solomon-Drake.

Mentor Me has five centers in the country, including New Mexico, he said.

The program comes from Solomon-Drake’s own experience of being raised by a single mother after the death of his father when he was a boy. He said, “I didn’t know God before I was 46,” adding, “He changed my life and gave me this work.”

Boys “need men in their lives,” Solomon-Drake said. “Our top aim is to teach them about Jesus so they can get saved.”

More people are needed to get involved, he said. The ministry has 2 acres in Moriarty set up as a farm. Donations of animals, equipment, fencing or digging a well are sought, he said. The farm is called, “Noah’s Ark 2 Acres for Jesus.”

To get involved or to make a donation, contact Solomon-Drake at 505-710-5673 or bog@mentorme.org. To learn more about the mission, visit mentorme.org.