Century Wire Products, a global supplier of stainless-steel lashing wire, is expanding, and making its new production plant in Moriarty.

Myra Pancrazio, executive director of the Estancia Valley Economic Development Association, or EVEDA, said Century Wire looked at many properties before deciding on the on in Moriarty. She said owner Philip Gaudette wanted a new building right off Interstate 40, and the property they chose had everything the company needed.

Gaudette said he ended up in New Mexico after leaving the Air Force, so to expand Century Wire from Pennsylvania and create a new production warehouse in New Mexico was just natural progression for him.

“Customers know that the product we produce is the best in the industry,” he said. “But because it’s steel, it’s a stainless-steel donut basically, each of them weighs six pounds. So, paying freight from Pennsylvania is cost prohibitive, they didn’t want to do that. My in-laws had this idea, ‘If you’re staying in New Mexico, why don’t we set up a western production plant?”

Pancrazio said Gaudette originally called Albuquerque Economic Development, but was referred to EVEDA since he lived in the area.

Gaudette said Century Wire Products will start out bringing nine new jobs to Moriarty and will expand when necessary.

Moriarty Mayor Ted Hart said it was a “blessing” to have economic growth in such uncertain times.

“We’ve been through a heck of a lot since March,” Hart said. “With Covid going on, we didn’t know where we would be at this point. But to see a new business coming into the city of Moriarty is just great, especially manufacturing. That’s the job creation of small towns and we really appreciate them picking us.”

Hart also said that along with Century Wire coming to Moriarty, many other businesses are looking to make their home there or expand their already existing businesses.

He said the fire department is getting a brand-new main station and a new company called Armaspec is coming to town. Waterway, Southwest Propane, and Lisa’s Truckstop are all expanding, he said, and with all the new developments, about 400 new jobs will be created.

“We’ve waited a long time to be where we’re at right now,” Mayor Hart said. “We’ve put a lot of money and effort into our communities and finally it’s starting to pay off.”