The Estancia Valley Classical Academy’s new Edgewood campus is taking shape, and could be finished as early as October.

That’s according to Harlan Lawson, a member of the charter school’s governing council and one of the founders of the school, which is affiliated with Hillsdale College.

The school expects to have a student body of around 600 students next year, in grades from kindergarten to 12th. A third kindergarten class is being added, with yet more children on a kindergarten waiting list, Lawson said.

The new facility will include amenities the Moriarty campus of portable buildings doesn’t have, including a gym and meeting room that will eventually include a stage, a circular courtyard, and expanded facilities for science, art and music. The school is authorized to take as many as 780 students, but Lawson doesn’t foresee more than 600 or so in the near term.

The new facility doubles the amount of space from 33,000 square feet to 60,200 square feet.

The school’s curriculum includes Latin and citizenship for all students, Lawson said.

The Estancia Valley Classical Academy does not intend to add sports facilities or teams through the New Mexico Activities Association, because even one sports team would mean that the charter school could no longer avail itself of sports offerings in the Moriarty-Edgewood School District, Lawson said. “We’ll be able to [offer sports], but I’m not sure we’ll want to.”

He said that instead, the school will likely add some intramural sports and games but said that 66 students currenty participate in sports at MESD.

Other activities offered by EVCA include archery, guitar, choir, a robotics team, We The People, National Honor Society, a Civil Air Patrol Squadron, and student government.

“We’re interested in educating kids to be good citizens, prepared for college or anything else they want to do in life,” Lawson said.

For information about EVCA, call 505-832-2223 or visit