Over 12 years, Wes and Debbie Goss built two of Torrance County’s favorite restaurants into community staples. As their motto says, the locations became the place to be seen “where the chili is hot and the people are cool.” Along the way they put Edgewood and Moriarty on the food map when their Moriarty location was nominated by fellow restaurateurs as the Restaurant Association’s best restaurant. The Edgewood location earned honors as one of the state’s best “Mom and Pop” restaurants in 2022. The Goss’ frequently offered discounts and free meals for veterans and first responders. In 2017, they were featured in The Independent for opening the restaurant on Thanksgiving to give those without family a chance to commune and share a traditional homemade meal. But after building both locations and navigating them through COVID closures and a recent utility outage, and reopening both locations successfully, the couple officially retired on December 31.  


But fans of Chili Hills’ green chile cheeseburger, Friday “all you can eat fish” special, plate-sized chicken fried steak or legendary chili need not worry about getting their fix. The Goss’ passed the aprons to Kandi Huxtable, an East Mountain native and 5-year member of the Chili Hills team, and her husband Scott who will continue to operate the restaurant with the same staff and, as of our recent visit, no changes to the menu.

Our Mama and Daddy have given so much to the communities of Edgewood and Moriarty at Chili Hills and have loved every minute of taking care of those precious people.  But now it’s time for a new chapter and your family is so proud of you and excited for your next chapter!,” their children posted on Facebook to mark the end of an era.