By Tom Katonak

Last September, we tried an experiment and moved our long-standing New Mexico collectibles show from Albuquerque to Moriarty. Thanks to dedicated support of the staff at the Moriarty Civic Center, this event was successful beyond our expectations.

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I learned first-hand about what made this town on old Route 66 “tick.” I was just amazed at how the residents and the local businesses pitched in and contributed to our operation.

The highlight was the wonderful Moriarty Civic Center venue: This spacious building provided great lighting, a fine sound system, a super kitchen and easy access for dealers and exhibitors.

But at the top of the list were the numerous people on the Civic Center staff bent on making the operation successful. Both our dealers and the public loved the local museum onsite, as well as having the library just down the hall.

And thanks to the publicity from the local newspapers, citizens from all over the Estancia Valley came to see what a bottle and insulator show was all about. I was really impressed to see such a great turnout, and it was fun to be able to talk with so many of the attendees.

Quite a number of the people came bringing bottles, antiques, insulators and other collectibles to hear what our experts could tell them about their treasures. Our dealers are some of the most knowledgeable collectors in the country in their respective fields of electrical insulators, old bottles, post cards, and marbles.

Based on last year’s response, we decided to return to Moriarty for this year’s show. So this will be the 28th Annual Insulator, Bottle, Barbwire and Collectibles Show. The Enchantment Insulator Club and the New Mexico Historical Bottle Society, organizations that have been around for well over a quarter of a century, jointly sponsor this show. The event will take place Sept.16 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Come and see amazing relics of the past. Many of these old utilitarian items are now the basis of artistic, beautiful and noteworthy collections. Historic bottles and electrical insulators dating from the early 1800s make up the core of the show, but you can also expect to see barbwire, bottle caps, tabletop antiques, old lamps, marbles, post card collections, military relics, railroad memorabilia, prism tiles, piano insulators and much more.

There will be more than 30 vendors buying, selling and trading at the show. In addition, there will be educational exhibits of bottles, insulators and other antique collectibles.

I encourage folks to bring in those old insulators, bottles and other glass items that have been stored in the garage or the barn and find out a little about their history and value. We’ll have experts on hand to answer your questions.

Shorty’s Barbecue will be providing lunch again this year—so join us for lunch if you’re so inclined.

If you have questions or need more information, call me at 505-898-5592.