Updated information on the state health department’s website gives a snapshot of the coronavirus outbreak in New Mexico, breaking the data down by ZIP codes and other factors.

As of today, April 17, there have been 1,597 cases, with 230 hospitalizations, a hospitalization rate of 14.4% of known cases.

Of total cases in the state, 51.82% are in women and 48.18% are men.

There have been roughly equal numbers of cases in various age categories: Just over 3% of the cases have been age 9 or younger; 4.83% for ages 10-19; 13.83% for ages 20-29; 16.51% for ages 30-39; 16.51% for ages 40-49; 15.39% for ages 50-59; 15.99% for ages 60-69; 8.10% for ages 70-79; 4.01% for ages 80-89 and 1.78% of cases for those ages 90 and older.

Most of the confirmed cases in New Mexico have been in the Native population, which accounts for 36.98% of total cases, followed by 24.53% in the “Hispanic/Latino” population and 21.28% in the “White” population.

The site also breaks the data down by ZIP code.

In Torrance County, there are five cases in 87036, the Mountainair area.

Half of the Torrance County cases are men, and half are women. Five of the cases are in the 60-69 age group, with two cases each in people in their 20s and 30s, and one case of someone in their 70s.

There are three cases in 87035, the Moriarty ZIP code; two in 87032, the McIntosh area; two cases in 87016, the Estancia and surrounding area.

There are four confirmed cases in the 87015 Edgewood ZIP code, which is in more than one county.

There is one case in 87008, the Cedar Crest area and no cases in 87047, the Sandia Park ZIP code.

There are two cases in 87059, the Tijeras ZIP code. The 87123 ZIP code, which includes parts of Albuquerque and Carnuel, has 32 confirmed cases.

According to the state’s website, at this date 34,488 people have been tested for COVID-19. There are 90 people hospitalized right now, with 44 deaths and 353 people recovered.

To see the data, visit cvprovider.nmhealth.org.