According to the state health secretary, Covid mutations “seem to be getting milder.”

On June 8, the health department hosted a Covid-19 update, announcing another spike in cases across the state and the nation. In addition, vaccinations will be available for those aged 6 months to four years by the end of the month. According to health secretary Dr. David Scrase, there has also been a slight uptick in the hospitalization rates in New Mexico as well.

Scrase said oral and IV medications are now available for Covid treatment. According to the state health department’s website, treatment is based on insurance or Medicaid status and the recommendations of general practitioners. During the update, Scrase said the oral treatment “is a game-changer with the pandemic.”

Scrase said the latest Covid mutations “seem to be getting milder” and that he thinks “we are evolving towards a milder illness.” He said the state is still using vaccines developed from 2020 and are working on creating a new vaccine that would be made available to the public in a similar manner as the flu shot.

He said the public has “an arsenal of tools” at its disposal and highly recommends that people use them. He said the tools available are the data, vaccines, masks, Covid tests, Covid treatments and state guidance.

However, Scrase also said anyone with even one symptom of Covid should seek treatment, and that a positive result on a Covid home test is valid and a PCR test is not needed if a home test already showed a positive.


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